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The problems with being a geek:

I flew my whole shebang over to the Metropolis region to toy with some different systems, ships, players. The jump was a good 20 or so, maybe a little less, from where I had started, in Sinq. I was half autopiloting it; watching my screen, but at the same time playing with my new toy. The DSO Quad 4.

Sure, my arduino does PWM just fine, what not, and all that … but I started toying with some old Kronos timeclocks I have, and now I’m deep into the HID proximity card reader and how the badges are formatted for my employer.

Sigh. :P


How’s the weather?

I’m taking the Cynabal out for a run, today. Scanning down a few mission runners in Agral turned out to be pretty easy once I recognized a good way of arranging seven probes.

Managed to snag a bunch of salvage for the market and loot, too. Only one person shot at me – a rattlesnake. That’s probably a no-go with my cynabal, of course. The transversal at any sort of range against that thing would be near zero and unless my ECM drones did a perfect job, I’d be toast in one or two vollies, I suspect.

However, I did manage to get him to warp away from his mission, return in a hurricane, and shoot at me. He hung around the warp-in point in room two for a while, while I watched him from a bookmark.

In the cynabal, I returned to room 1 and continued to watch him; having positioned myself 20km or so off of the gate. He was being a lazy ass, so I opened a chat window.

[03:14:02] Bushido Ryu > o/
[03:14:07] Gilbert Hamilton > o/
[03:14:19] Gilbert Hamilton > are you enjoying this weather?
[03:14:35] Bushido Ryu > it has it’s ups and downs
[03:14:47] Gilbert Hamilton > certainly. usually between noon and midnight.
[03:14:58] Bushido Ryu > Aye

I just don’t have the brainpower tonight – real life stuff is too much right now. But I am glad to hear the weather is doing him well.


I don’t make many RL posts here, but…

Real life has been hectic lately. While I was able to log in tonight and “forget” about things for a few minutes, if just to move planet goo around, I still haven’t really settled my mind down.

Things will improve on the real life side, and maybe I’ll blog about it a little bit, but detail wise – with HIPAA and what not – I can’t really speak of it. Regardless – if you’re the praying type, my family could use some. Thank you.

Just so Roc doesn’t have to worry, no, I don’t have AIDS. You’re safe.

A Gifted Cynabal

I was recently asked if I would like to tinker with a Cynabal with what little PVP skills I have. Naturally, I was very thankful for the opportunity. So, I’ve got one a few jumps away, though we are currently at war.

I may fly out there and grab it anyway, just to have it nearby. Probably a stupid mistake, so we’ll see what happens. Though, this corp we are at war against is very small anyway.

The Blog Pack has been updated recently, too. Always good to see someone taking care of things like that. I would also like to express my thanks, for being included in the pack listing, too!

There was recently a death in my family (IRL, heh) and so this weekend either has potential for no eve time or some eve time. Things just work out that way, sometimes. You know what I mean, I am sure.

Tonight, I think I’m going to hang out around my usual stomping grounds, work my way slowly toward the Cyn, and see what I come up with.

Goodbye Crazy, Hello EVEOGANDA

I have to say that I am a little saddened to see Crazy Kinux shut down the blog pack. While I don’t think I was a full member of the blog pack as distributed to now defunct apps like Capsuleer, etc, I very much enjoyed every blog on there.

Crazy Kinux was a great community resource for EVE, and he’s inspired a lot of “blog tradition” in the Blog Banters, the blog pack, and contests, as well as awesome posts/links. A big “thank you” to him for all of his hard work!

However, the crazy cat at EVEOGANDA has decided to take the reigns and run the pack for a while. You can read about that, here. I will provide a link to the new pack, in my links section, too.

And a productive weekend was had by all

Managed to log in for a while this weekend, and enjoyed myself quite a bit. I was low on funds again and so I traveled back to Dodixie. In Agral, there were five bookmarks discovered within a few minute’s time and I was off to steal. It went well, especially when the runners simply abandoned stuff. Hot tip: That doesn’t piss me off. Thank you.

A few tears were had, but nothing worth pasting here, really. Corp chat was quiet.

A friend of mine recently got back into the game, so I spent some time with him and some rifter pvp practice. Think he enjoyed it. I contracted some stolen goods over to him to help, too.

Hound is down…

Lost the Hound today, to a bit of a game – so to speak. I arrived into a mission piloted by a Raven, a Fed Navy Comet, and a Noctis. Naturally, I started stealing.

To start, I wasn’t in my Hound. I was in my Vigil, doing the usual steal/salvage thing. I haven’t been in a fight in a long time, and was hoping they would shoot. So, they did and I enjoyed that. Returning in my Dramiel, didn’t do much but get me some drone-killing practice against his full flight of T2 drones. A few minutes later, I returned in my Wolf. The drones went down fast, but I couldn’t crack his Raven’s shields. Having exactly no experience against a Raven, and very little pvp overall – I was enjoying trying a few different things out.

Soon, I had to return to repair. While doing that, I waited the 15 minute aggro timer out, and then returned in the Hound. Sitting cloaked a little bit away from the acceleration gate, I waited for the Raven and the Noctis to warp off into the next room. The Comet stayed behind, and I was able to get him down into armor. But soon, my Hound popped and I warped off, tail between my legs.

Lesson learned – I hate drones. Hate them. Lesson two: the Hound is not good for close quarters stuff, and would fit me better in a fleet.