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Oh yeah, baby.

Look at all that blue

I did some general logistical work this weekend. The planets I am extracting from, with proper sell orders, net me about 3 million in a week’s time. It’s not much, but it buys a new spellbook or two, for some ISK generation I can kind of “forget about”. I am learning to set the extraction timers to 30 mins or 5 hours depending on that day’s play style. When I’m not going to play, I’ll set them to 23 hours.

At one point of the day I was hauling the extracted planet goodies back to Dodixie to sell. I went afk, as I usually do while not in war o low-sec. I returned to my desktop and noticed a lot of concord presence around a stargate. They had just blown to bits four battleships, and some other ships were already starting to salvage. I was in my Ity Mk III and able to ride there at about 200m/sec. Maybe a bit more.

Eventually I made it to the wrecks and noticed they were all blue. Someone had decided, before podding away, to abandon them. Guess they knew they’d never return for them, or whatever. I missed the actual fight. Maybe it was a suicide gank. Either way, the loot was mine and all told, I think it was roughly 10 million in loot.

Combined with my sales orders for the planetary goods, I had a profitable weekend.

Tonight, I am going to head back to the Everyshore region and see if I can get some kills via can flipping or the usual ninja loot methods.

Event in Odatrik

Soon after I finished lugging around a bunch of skill books, items, and things to sell, I received word that there was an event happening in Odatrik.  It was said that it attracted a lot of role-players.  Which is fine, the more time they spend typing the less time they have to see that I’m red to them.

We warped to our fleet leader and started warping to the scene and looting, salvaging, and whatnot; only to warp back to an orca and dump all of our loot there.  (To be sold and spread out among members in the area that night, I think.)

I only lost my ship, once. I returned, hit up the Orca for more fittings I was missing, and then went back into the mix of things.  I chased down the action from planet to planet, and made a bookmark or two, but it died off pretty quick.

Still, since I don’t often get into fleet action like this, it was a nice change of pace.  I took a couple of screenshots, too.

New Directors at Suddenly Ninjas

Congratulations are due to our two new directors.   Jordan Parey and Zavulon Sukkot have accepted the positions of Director or Recruitment and Director of Salvage, respectively.  I wish them luck, fun, and lots of pew pew in their new positions!