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I’m in… and off to null/low sec.

Well, with an alt, that is. I waited a few days before applying to the new corp, mentioned “IRL things” and sounded all sorts of… human. I was accepted in a trial status within a few minutes. I made my way off toward the home region and remembered to move my clone, too. Going to toss jump clones into that character, and the related skills, naturally. We will see if I can get past the “trial” status, due to my not having a full account API key… just a character one. I’ve made some friends in short order, though, so maybe. Maybe.

Met about four people in the 20+ jumps tonight, through null/low. We just ignored each other.

It’ll be time, soon, to launder some ISK over to the alt, and then expire the API key, and really move crap there, too. Get the toon up and running, then start “hanging out” with my new “family.”

On another note – I’ve got casino plans tomorrow night, but may be popping in as Gilbert and working on some more scams, etc. I need to, also, prep some documents for another in-game / out of game project I’m working on too. Note: If you have cash you don’t mind floating me for a bit, let me know. I’m likely to *not* return it, but you knew that anyway. ;)


On the subject of “oops”

So, in the time I have allotted to play lately, between the single dad thing, work, fire department stuff, and life – I’ve really come to enjoy the random “roam until you die” aspect of the game. Firstly, the latest updates, of which I am long behind on “reporting about” are beautiful. I absolutely love the way things look; however, I have yet to see the new neocom update. My kids have sucked me into running a minecraft server at home, so I’m doing a little bit of that, to. It’s nice having a machine that will play both games at the same time, honestly.

I suspect tonight, I am going to fit up four or five rifters or a T2 variant, and get out there until I die. I may fit something to scan+hunt with, but I’m not sure yet what a good machine for that would be.

Oh. Crap. I really should look at my infiltration alt and make sure he still has access to the corp hangar…

Logged back in…

Ok, I admit – I logged back in with EVE on one screen, while on the other, I was playing Skyrim.

The UI changes for the latest update are … ok. Lets call it 6/10. I still need to determine if I like them or not. My infiltration alt is still in his corp. This is good. The longer an infiltration alt has in his “last” corp, the better. In my opinion; because the next place I interview for will see and believe my story about just wanting to gtfo, etc.

On the IRL front, life has been busy. Especially with the holidays and kids adjusting to the recent changes in their world, etc. But we are making things happen as best we can.

Oh, and SN is at war. This is good, too. :)

Long weekend, good times.

For once we seemed to have a relaxing weekend. People came to visit, and we just seemed to relax as a family. My time in EVE was fun, too. Having ventured into Minmatar space, I was hanging out around Hek and the nearby systems. Managed to run a few missions, get some standing increases and hopefully I will gain a better understanding of resists by race, things like that. I’ve not run many missions, having gone from tutorial to pissing people off.

I need to stop selling some of the tags I steal from people and save them for when I come across a mission which requires one. Or save two or three of them, since they get destroyed upon use.

Did manage to piss off EVE Uni, however. Taught a few people a lesson about jet-cans, missions, and ninjas. I popped out of the station and found 15-20 Uni folks there, waiting for me. Oh noes, my vigil. What ever shall I do?

Ninja tears are always fake. We don’t cry, it’s physically impossible. It’s true. Look it up.

My alt is still in his corp; the one he stole from a while back. This is a good thing. I’m currently looking for my next corporation for him. The long pad of being in this corp will help the next corp believe that I’ve simply been bored as hell in this one, and they can sell to me how awesome and “the shit” their corp is.

Mean Streak Contest Winner

Congratulations go to the Mean Streak contest winner, Ulik Kahn! Great job!

I hung around Hek last night, in my hurricane, named Gloria. Plotted another low-sec run around that loop, just on the lower end of the map. It started off bland, as if everyone was just passing through. No miners, no activity, nobody chasing me. Hell, this ship cannot even cloak. Just warp from safe to safe, keeping aligned, while I scan. It’s actually great practice for that sort of thing. Less signatures in the system seem to be letting me focus on getting a warpable result.

In one of the systems, I was able to pin down a POS. Warping to it at 100, to take a look, showed it was online and fully of tasty goodies. I hung out there too long, and ended up warping off with my ship at 80% armor. No big deal. I’m docked for the night in a high-sec system, and will head back out for more safe gathering, fun, and whatnot later tonight.

That said, that POS is actively recruiting. I may see if I can get my alt out of the corp I stole from a while ago, and join this one with the POS. Only catch: they request the API key and a screenshot of your character selection screen. Ha. Not going to happen. If anyone wants to infiltrate it with a clean account, send me an ingame mail, and I’ll hook you up. You can even pay me if you want. :P

So, last night’s lesson learned: at 100km, a POS will still shoot at you. It stinks. But not before you can spend a few minutes taking inventory/screenshots.

Culmination – the part I enjoy about corp theft

The corporation my alt is involved in (which never asked for API details, by the way) is starting to realize/fret over the missing corp hangar items.

The CEO was “gone” for a couple of weeks, Incarna went live, hubbub ensued as expected and obvious everywhere else, and now the CEO is back. Having reupped his subscription, he logs in to find an innocent evemail from me, asking why the corp hangar was empty as far as I could see.

He and the other “top guy” in the corp stated that the corp was on double super lock down. Or something technical like that. The CEO states he couldn’t find the log, but could see into the personal hangars and so knows who it was. (Funny – my personal hangar for the infilt alt is empty, having contracted everything to Gilbert within 30 seconds of stealing it all.)

Either way – the moment they point fingers at me is the moment I ransom the items back, release a “PSA” about using API checks, fuel my ship with the collected tears, and move on.

Good times ahead.

Post Incarna Thoughts

Well, it’s pretty cool. My machine displays/runs it just fine, and so far, I’ve no problems with it. All of my characters are, as expected, damn sexy.

I’ve got market buy orders on the things I hope will increase in value.

I’ve let the CEO of my infiltrated corp know that, “Hey, the corp hangar is empty. WTF? Patch issue?”

Betting on stupid, there, really.