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Good old can-flipping and Crime Watch 2.0

First off, I have to say the great Aiden has a fantastic post about his opinion of CW2. Go read it. Then come back here and realize I add *nothing* to the conversation, as is usual.

You see, I think these are good changes. Or, from what I have managed to read while sitting here on my “lunch break” at work… (Which blocks most EVE related sites.)

I look forward to the chance of getting shot at by more people for “simply” stealing from a can. Hoping the criminal flags spread, like a sexually transmitted disease of “let me help you with that” and “can you RR me?” If I read things right, based on a copy-paste into reddit, CONCORD will not be responding to low-sec for illegal PVP, either. (EDIT: Apparently I read the post paste with the retarded side of my brain, read “lowsec” and thought “0.5”…*smack*)

Which is great for suicides, too…

What are your thoughts?

…no, it fucking wasn’t…

Says the recently destroyed Retriever owner, after I opened a conversation window and asked for a 5 Mil bounty. It’s always nice to get a bounty from someone when they are only a corp/game member for a few days, and have such an expensive ship.

Then to remind them of the first rule of EVE. Trust isn’t for sale.

[01:23:08] Gilbert Hamilton > Can I help you, Sir?

Note: I opened the convo, lately I just like starting out the communication as if they started talking to me, first. Shrug.

[01:23:10] Tanniss Majere > your cool picking on brand new players
[01:23:15] Gilbert Hamilton > Brand new? Not really.
[01:23:22] Tanniss Majere > 2 weeks
[01:23:24] Gilbert Hamilton > Nice ship. Current market value has it at well over a few million.
[01:23:27] Tanniss Majere > ill give u money
[01:23:34] Gilbert Hamilton > 5 million. 10 seconds.
[01:23:39] Tanniss Majere > k
[01:23:45] Tanniss Majere > promise u will leave?
[01:23:48] Gilbert Hamilton > naturally.
[01:23:56] Gilbert Hamilton > You can contact my CEO if you wish. 5 seconds.
[01:24:09] Tanniss Majere > there
[01:24:10] Gilbert Hamilton > Thank you, sir.
[01:24:18] Gilbert Hamilton > That covers the ammo.
[01:24:22] Tanniss Majere > yeah im done with this game
[01:24:29] Tanniss Majere > just started woiw
[01:24:31] Tanniss Majere > thanks
[01:24:33] Gilbert Hamilton > Never trust anyone.
[01:24:36] Gilbert Hamilton > Welcome to EVE
[01:24:37] Tanniss Majere > now i have nothing
[01:24:39] Tanniss Majere > no ship
[01:24:41] Tanniss Majere > no money
[01:24:49] Gilbert Hamilton > You do. your ship was insured.
[01:25:05] Tanniss Majere > no it fucking wasnt
[01:25:07] Tanniss Majere > yeah 40%
[01:25:18] Gilbert Hamilton > Lesson learned, I suppose. Fly safe, sir!
[01:25:24] Tanniss Majere > fuck u i hope u die
[01:25:29] Gilbert Hamilton > Will do.
[01:25:30] Gilbert Hamilton > o/