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From tonight’s fun:

[02:23:32] shawdoWGuar > i’m sure the frigate loot that you grabbed will supply you many a hard-on… good luck with that kid
[02:23:53] Gilbert Hamilton > not really, but the 10 Armor Plates help.
[02:24:12] Gilbert Hamilton > the loot was just to give your lcd some color.

… say… 15 minutes later … ;)

[02:36:46] shawdoWGuar > wow you’re such a fag Hamilton
[02:36:55] Gilbert Hamilton > I try.
[02:37:05] Gilbert Hamilton > My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, so what?
[02:37:06] Huorrraa > ninjas <3
[02:37:18] Gilbert Hamilton > why thank you.
[02:37:21] Spammer123 > ninja where??
[02:37:50] Gilbert Hamilton > shadow – want your Militants?
[02:38:13] shawdoWGuar > I’m just gonna scrap this… nope gilbert… i got about 300 of em in my hangar.. you can keep them jackass
[02:38:24] Gilbert Hamilton > thanks.  they go good in milk.
[02:38:55] shawdoWGuar > the mission doesn’t even call for them… grab some more loot douche… i dare you :)
[02:39:05] Gilbert Hamilton > I have been.


I think I’m going to hang out around Everyshore for a bit – it’s only a few jumps from “home” (Dodixie) and there are a few good reasons for me to hang out in a “newbie” friendly area.

The fun (tears) and the smaller-ship PVP tactics are something I’d like to get used to.  Couple that with my desire to “skill up” in scanning / hunting down ships, and I have a good spot to hang out and practice for larger operations.  There isn’t much money in the Everyshore region, but I’ve been using DOTLAN recently to find good agent mission systems.  (Dodixie and Fricoure are great, but boring sometimes.)

Cheap salvage ship

Headed over to Harerget tonight after the tears in Atlanins. Spent roughly 300k in “quick salvage” gear. Made it back in one bookmark. Though I didn’t get tears, DOTLAN charts show a lot of activity there. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Aww, poor jet-can

In Atlanins, I stumbled upon Mugre reminding Eoin Donovan that jet-canning was a bad idea.  I joined in, private conversation with both Eoin and Mugre.  Eoin was offered protection, Mugre was happy to pretend to care.

[16:52:25] Eoin Donovan > so warp away and let me take my stuff
[16:55:44] Mugre > Mugre > it is unlawfull to jet can mine i inspect the conttents of you can and found u in viloation
[17:04:17] Gilbert Hamilton > I’ve got your back, Eoin.
[17:04:25] Mugre > he payed me 5 mill i let em go
[17:04:25] Gilbert Hamilton > Take your scordite back.
[17:24:52] Eoin Donovan > where are you gilbert?
[17:25:10] Gilbert Hamilton > Filing customer service paperwork.
[17:25:22] Gilbert Hamilton > You need to worry about your jetcans, around here sir.
[17:25:42] Eoin Donovan > you need to worry about your ship
[17:25:49] Eoin Donovan > you shudnt try and con people
[17:25:55] Eoin Donovan > its a bad karma
[17:25:55] Gilbert Hamilton > I didn’t try.
[17:25:58] Gilbert Hamilton > You paid 5Mil.
[17:26:29] Gilbert Hamilton > Karma doesn’t keep our skyways clear.
[17:26:37] Eoin Donovan > a vexor couldnt have taken that dramiel
[17:26:45] Eoin Donovan > this thorax maybe
[17:26:49] Gilbert Hamilton > That’s not the point, is it?
[17:27:27] Eoin Donovan > it is tho, u tryed to sell me something that dosent work
[17:27:36] Eoin Donovan > thats called a con where im form
[17:27:52] Gilbert Hamilton > But you purchased, for 5Mil, the right to jet in belt 8.  Did you not?
[17:28:52] Eoin Donovan > just tell me where u are
[17:32:34] Gilbert Hamilton > VIII 8
[17:32:52] EVE System > Channel changed to Azer Local Channel

Eoin paid 5Mil to Mugre and Mugre and I traded aggro.  He warped away, and I jet-canned the scordite I stole from Mugre. Liberated scordite.  Eoin took it and then started to pew pew me, all pissed that, well, my services were fake.  The good part is that he had to bring two other corp members to belt 8 to help “backup” his Iteron.  I chased him to the station, where when he undocked in his Throax, he was ready to fight.

A kind customer support letter/bill for services rendered was sent to his corporation’s CEO, and he was reminded that jet-cans are unsafe.

A small bit of tears for a Sunday afternoon.  Though I am returning with my Vexor.

Lesson Learned

Here is an awesome post at My Loot, Your Tears about why giving your ship to a random person is a bad idea.  Great job, Clavet!

Lesson for me: even when I feel the blues, there are still tears to gain out there.  I just need to spread my wings a bit.

Oh, Tonight

Tonight was one of those nights I really appreciate the differences in EVE from other mmos. I logged in but just wasn’t “feeling it”. tried a few salvage runs, tried to find a can or three, etc.

So I logged. Knowing when I returned I’d have another skill done. Call it a lack of planning. Call it boredom? ( side note: I sucked ass at MW2 too tonight. )

Think i’m going to next fire up the Thorax and head out of Dodixie. Head toward Jita and clean cans on the way.

Maybe play with some markets too.


Everyone should check out the poll over at Aggressive Tendencies; do you log off during certain combat situations?

I voted no.  Mostly because I don’t often have many combat situations.  If I had more, I’d probably log off just to piss off my opponent.  Though on a similar note, while playing Modern Warfare 2, I freaking hate it when people log off because they are losing, and they happen to be the host for that battle.