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I must be sick…

I’ve actually run a couple of missions tonight.  Actually, just two of a storyline that’s only 5 long.  (A New Venture)  I’m doing a bit of research to figure out a few of them here and there, and determine at which steps, etc, I can gank stuff from others running the same missions.

That said, I’ve also managed a good 20 million or so from salvage operations and general “cleanup” of others leavings, too.  I said leavings and that made me think of poop.  Always fun, I am.

It’s also time to go play some poker: http://www.eohpoker.com/

Just a few missions

Made a small 1.2Mil tonight running a few missions. I’m headed back to Dodixie to pickup my salvage rigs and scout out a few more mil.

Though, planning-wise, I think I’m going to save up for the Helios then focus on Loyalty Points and missions while I wait for my skills to finish. I’ve been saving missiles for my Tristan (which blew up yesterday). Maybe I will sell those and buy more hybrid ammo.