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From vacation.  Patching things up, to the latest, and ready to get back into the game.  However, there is of course all that real life stuff to put away and unpack, etc.  We’ll get there…

New Directors at Suddenly Ninjas

Congratulations are due to our two new directors.   Jordan Parey and Zavulon Sukkot have accepted the positions of Director or Recruitment and Director of Salvage, respectively.  I wish them luck, fun, and lots of pew pew in their new positions!

Oh no, my first petition.

Seems Harerget is offering up some more tears than I expected to get tonight:

[01:24:11] EVE System > Channel changed to Harerget Local Channel
[01:53:54] Zunya Zuvani > Gilbert, how am I supposed to complete my mission if you steal my item?
[01:54:08] Gilbert Hamilton > Zunya – you pay me ISK and I’ll give the item.
[01:54:10] Gilbert Hamilton > Simple, really.
[01:54:30] Gilbert Hamilton > no worries.
[01:54:32] Gilbert Hamilton > take your time.
[01:54:35] Gilbert Hamilton > I’ll watch scanner.
[01:55:27] Zunya Zuvani > I’ll report you as a griefer instead
[01:55:39] Gilbert Hamilton > it’s not illegal, shh.
[01:56:08] Zunya Zuvani > Yes, it is illegal.  Griefing is a violation of the EULA
[01:56:31] Gilbert Hamilton > You have every ability to shoot me and take the item, actually.
[01:56:36] Zunya Zuvani > And no, I will not discuss this privately!
[01:56:50] Gilbert Hamilton > Just didn’t want others to realize you were turning down my offer.
[01:56:57] Gilbert Hamilton > you know, save you some face.
[01:57:02] Gilbert Hamilton > It’s only 10k isk.
[01:57:25] Zunya Zuvani > you’re still in the wrong
[01:57:32] Gilbert Hamilton > no, I’m just in the different.
[01:58:48] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, ok, I’ll brb.
[02:02:15] Gilbert Hamilton > I will return your Dr. Castille’s Data Core (Property of CreoDron)  I suppose
[02:03:42] Gilbert Hamilton > there you go.
[02:04:09] Zunya Zuvani > No, the can is yellow.  I’m not stupid!!
[02:04:33] Gilbert Hamilton > Oh schucks.
[02:06:13] Zunya Zuvani > Petition has been submitted!

Good times.  I don’t think I was ever petitioned before, which is fine.   I do have to make a reminder note to add a few quotes to my bio, really.   I started the night pissed off at Windows 7, Modern Warfare 2, etc… and end the night happy I transferred that energy to someone else.  Welcome to Eve.

Lesson for you to learn, Zunya Zuvani – always quick-loot the mission objective.  Then worry about the rest.  You’ve obviously never played WoW.

Congratulations Orions Lord

Wonderful TEARS member, Orions Lord has won the Suddenly Ninjas “Best Carebear Tears” competition, for April.  A few great quotes are at the link I just mentioned, however I love one of the first ones:

[ 2010.04.23 20:13:58 ] Elf Lord > what you figure that when I simply abandon those ship after you stool from them and did’nt attack you would get Me to retaliatae buy stealing from you and lose a BS?

There is something tasty about tears that come in the form of misspellings that, while fitting, change the dialog somewhat.  Stool?  Tasty!  I think I’m going to spend some time focusing on those carebears that have wonderful spealing skilz.


So I go on a 9 day vacation starting this Saturday, and I’m not sure what skill I would like to fill the queue with.  Any thoughts?

It was a hard lesson to learn

There isn’t much in this kill, except a few good practice minutes in the skill of “Social Engineering”, really.  The kill information is here.  On a similar note, the contacts list folder titled “people I’ve upset” is growing.

[19:59:59] TheAntiClinton > thats a pretty fast ship
[20:00:03] Gilbert Hamilton > thanks.
[20:00:04] TheAntiClinton > can you help me out hee?
[20:00:12] Gilbert Hamilton > I can do my best, what do you need?
[20:00:14] TheAntiClinton > here*
[20:00:41] TheAntiClinton > im not in any trouble, its just taking a very long time to destroy this facility, and i could use some extra firepower to speed it up
[20:00:55] Gilbert Hamilton > Ahh gotcha.
[20:01:02] Gilbert Hamilton > be right back.
[20:01:07] Gilbert Hamilton > start killing it.
[20:01:07] TheAntiClinton > ok
[20:01:24] Gilbert Hamilton > oh you’ve got it going well!
[20:01:27] Gilbert Hamilton > it’ll be gone soon.
[20:01:41] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:01:46] Gilbert Hamilton > do you have to do all 4?
[20:02:05] TheAntiClinton > i think so, and now my capcitor is empty, so i can only fire one gun
[20:02:31] Gilbert Hamilton > ahh gotcah.  I will be back in a few mins, with some guns on this ship.
[20:02:38] Gilbert Hamilton > I left some loot/salvage for you.
[20:02:42] TheAntiClinton > thank you
[20:02:47] Gilbert Hamilton > don’t worry about the warning.
[20:02:50] Gilbert Hamilton > the scientists don’t eat much.
[20:02:55] TheAntiClinton > what warning?
[20:03:01] Gilbert Hamilton > when you grab the loot.
[20:03:35] Gilbert Hamilton > damn timer for stations! lol.
[20:03:40] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:04:08] TheAntiClinton > btw, why is your little square red and ave a skull by it?
[20:04:14] TheAntiClinton > have*
[20:04:33] Gilbert Hamilton > cause I was here taking loot.  but I gave it back to you in that cargo container.
[20:04:52] TheAntiClinton > lol, thanks
[20:05:06] Gilbert Hamilton > go grab it while your cap recharges.  it’s a few bucks worth of stuff.
[20:05:13] Gilbert Hamilton > or leave the scientists – don’t think you can sell them. lol.
[20:05:18] Gilbert Hamilton > they just sit there and eat.
[20:05:40] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:06:16] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, so two left?
[20:06:30] TheAntiClinton > yup
[20:06:46] TheAntiClinton > i guess you wont get in trouble if you attack me now
[20:06:58] Gilbert Hamilton > ?
[20:07:29] TheAntiClinton > that was the warning, it said that since i “Stole” from you, you and your coorporation would be free to attack me
[20:07:43] Gilbert Hamilton > ahh yeah, no worries.
[20:07:49] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:08:48] Gilbert Hamilton > wonder if these guys living here will jump off. :P
[20:08:49] TheAntiClinton > so what do you do, long range, short range, electronic, mining?
[20:08:54] TheAntiClinton > lol
[20:09:20] TheAntiClinton > woo hoo, thank you

The mission objects go pop.  A few seconds later, so does he.

[20:10:25] TheAntiClinton > why?
[20:11:20] Gilbert Hamilton > because I needed something to shoot – also, please, _n-e-v-e-r_ ignore that warning when grabbing loot out of a can.  people can right click and “abandon” the containers if they really were “giving” it to you.
[20:11:29] Gilbert Hamilton > btw, your mission should be done.
[20:11:32] Gilbert Hamilton > fly safe.

Warp Zero and Flip

I’ve not logged into EVE for a couple of days.  Just real life things and a bit of a mid-week break, is all.  However tonight started out fun, and ended with fun too.

Right outside of the M20 station in Dodixie, I salvaged 14 armor plates from a wreck.  Always nice.

Later on, a few systems away, a corp mate and I were can flipping in a different way.  He opened a can next to the victims, and then I warped to zero on him, in a fast ship.  Right in front of him and all of his mining corp-mates, I transferred the loot and got a nice “WTF?!” in local.  Win.  After a few minutes of that, his corpmates started to fire on me, but only after I undocked in my Myrm.

No explosions, but some chasing and general mud-slinging in local were had.  I didn’t feel like dealing with a Domi, an Incursis (I think.  The T2 ship), and a few others while it was just my corp mate and myself.  The domi had my shields down in about 15 seconds.

After all, running away to come back and peck at them is what I wanted to do. ;)