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As posted to the forums

Forum Link (though, I think I picked the wrong forum… :/ and, I’m at work so I can’t refresh the links, too. I’m just reposting here to carry the idea forward and get it seen, possibly.)

I’d like to start off by saying that I have no clue if interest in this will exist at all or grow over time. I hope the latter, of course, as horse-racing is something I am interested in the “real world”, as well. If it already exists through a known channel/method, please use that one and let me know, here!

This weekend, the 5th/6th of November, the Breeder’s Cup races will be held at Churchill Down’s racetrack. I am offering to take bets on the final race of the cup: the Breeders’ Cup Classic.

In trying to be transparent here, I’m posting a link to a sample parimutuel log.

Sample Log Here

I will create a new one, and post a link here to that – once the final entries for that race are known.

Some rules/information:

Race: 11/6/2010 – Churchill Downs – Race 11 (Breeder’s Cup Classic) 1 1/4 miles (10 furlongs) – $5Million Purse

Churchill Schedule
Race info page
Wikipedia Page on the Cup
DRF Page on the BC
More info

When/if past performances are available, I will post links to them, here, too. I’m assumingPPs for the big race will be available by Thursday like they usually are.


Send ISK (in whole dollar amounts only) to Gilbert Hamilton (this character) and your choice of which horse to win.

I will reply with your ticket confirmation code within a few hours. This will be needed (along with your name) to claim any winnings.

Ticket sales will close at 10PM EST the night before the race. (at least this time around. it’s just me.)

WIN POOL ONLY while I see if this idea gets off the ground at all.

BET PLACEMENT IS CURRENTLY CLOSEDwhile we wait for the final order/entries to be decided. (We are still early.)

As soon as possible, I will update the google spreadsheet toteboard, and I suggest you use that as well as any other “real life” odds to help determine which horse to bet on. Equibase is a great resource for that, as well as the race pages themselves.

Thanks for your time. I hope this is the proper forum area, and if it is not, I will have it moved I suppose. Any questions, please send them my way.