Monthly Archives: January 2012

On the subject of “oops”

So, in the time I have allotted to play lately, between the single dad thing, work, fire department stuff, and life – I’ve really come to enjoy the random “roam until you die” aspect of the game. Firstly, the latest updates, of which I am long behind on “reporting about” are beautiful. I absolutely love the way things look; however, I have yet to see the new neocom update. My kids have sucked me into running a minecraft server at home, so I’m doing a little bit of that, to. It’s nice having a machine that will play both games at the same time, honestly.

I suspect tonight, I am going to fit up four or five rifters or a T2 variant, and get out there until I die. I may fit something to scan+hunt with, but I’m not sure yet what a good machine for that would be.

Oh. Crap. I really should look at my infiltration alt and make sure he still has access to the corp hangar…