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Ugly goes down

Lost the Brutix tonight, in a nice well executed trap of a gank.  I logged in and was fleet invited right away; not usually having the ability to join them, I was happy I could join tonight.  Voice chat active and we were all hanging out around Fricoure / Brap and enjoying ourselves.  Can flipping and stealing loot.

A nice looking ice belt contained a lot of open cans and some loot to steal.  I had racked up a good number of criminal countdowns.  When I arrived at a belt to check on the status of a few cans, there was a red Condor there.  He targeted me right away, and before I had any real chance to organize myself, I was also being hit by four others from Fission Inc.  I think I lasted a minute, maybe two.

The rest of the corp arrived, but just a little bit too late.  No worries.  We also got a Lachesis in the battle, too.  That’s 100+ Mil of his gone, versus the 20 or so of mine.  Not bad.  Though I wasn’t on that Lachesis killmail.

I returned a few moments later with my rifter.   That went boom from a fellow who was in the same corp as the Lachesis.   (Multitaskers)

This Megathron, though, we got a bit father on.  I think one of my issues was focus on the drones; I had eventually been attacked by them and they got me.  Prior, we had the Megathron down to 50% armor, but he was getting repped from far.  If I had focused on the drones earlier, in my rifter, the others in the corp  could have spent less time on drones, and more on the Mega.  Live and learn.    After the rifter died, I popped into the fleet Orca and borrowed another rifter.  Though I gave that one back.  Lesson learned there, too: I need to skill up to small t2 weapons, soon.

The rest of the night was spent toying around similar systems.   Much fun was had by all.

Event in Odatrik

Soon after I finished lugging around a bunch of skill books, items, and things to sell, I received word that there was an event happening in Odatrik.  It was said that it attracted a lot of role-players.  Which is fine, the more time they spend typing the less time they have to see that I’m red to them.

We warped to our fleet leader and started warping to the scene and looting, salvaging, and whatnot; only to warp back to an orca and dump all of our loot there.  (To be sold and spread out among members in the area that night, I think.)

I only lost my ship, once. I returned, hit up the Orca for more fittings I was missing, and then went back into the mix of things.  I chased down the action from planet to planet, and made a bookmark or two, but it died off pretty quick.

Still, since I don’t often get into fleet action like this, it was a nice change of pace.  I took a couple of screenshots, too.