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Did get some salvage.

I managed to gather some salvage, and help hunt down a mission runner, while the corp mate extended aggro.  That was quite fun, and good hunt-practice, actually.

No real tears, though I was seriously hoping he was stupid enough to undock and not go right to a safe.

[01:10:00] Keine Arvok > o/
[01:10:09] Gilbert Hamilton > o/
[01:10:13] Gilbert Hamilton > do you need help getting out of station?
[01:10:25] Keine Arvok > naw
[01:10:41] Keine Arvok > i dont need help loosing my domi either
[01:10:43] Keine Arvok > lol
[01:10:44] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, just offering in case. I know how that itmer crap sucks.
[01:11:29] Keine Arvok > im gona try to undock one more time ina few
[01:11:37] Gilbert Hamilton > that whole trick about stopping helps.
[01:12:10] Gilbert Hamilton > anyway, fly safe. if you need help let me know.
[01:12:29] Keine Arvok > kk u2 ty

He undocked and went for the safe spot – and corp-mate and I both had to log.  Oh well, next time.  In the meantime, I can now fly that Rifter and Domi I haven’t purchased yet.

And probably won’t for some time.  Not until after camp, most likely.  No rush, no worries.  They are all going to the salvage yard eventually, anyway.

Fast Rifter

I think I’m going to skill up for the Rifter – and I know just about everyone uses one of these, but I just came to realize how freaking cheap it is.  I’m not big into T2 weaponry, and I really should be focusing more toward T2 support items, and maybe even weapons, but right now I just like the part of EVE where I buy something shiney and then go figure out how to get my ass kicked in it.

However, this week, I’ve got this knee problem that’s making me take some stuff that will keep me down for a few days.  I’ll be on, but right now I’m exhausted.  Which sucks.  Though I doubt I’ll really be “offline”, just to bed early.

Right now, I’m going to make one scan for mission runners in Agral and then see if I can get any shots fired across the void.

I think I would like to see Amarr space, and some other regions.  Planning-wise, next week I have a nice football camp to attend with my son, so I’ll have a longer skill in the queue for that five or six days, but after, I think I’m packing up the Myrm and going for a drive.

Thoughts on where?  EVE Travel has given me some inspiration in the past, maybe I will spend some time at work (shh) looking around at locations to put onto the itinerary.

Comments on Mynxee and some salvage

I was able to get a bit of salvage done, and purchased Gallente Battleships to start training; the salvage and loot stolen about equals the cost of the book.  So that was a good thing.

A quote from Mynxee’s recent post on the CSM strikes me as so similar to where I work now that it is scary.

Listening to devs and others describe the development process; the realities of resource assignment to various projects already in the pipeline; and the apparently common, wasteful, and apathy-inspiring “do-over” and “change horses midstream” exec mentality left me wondering how CCP gets anything done at all. I found myself wondering what would happen if resources could be focused more tightly. Apocrypha is a good example of an expansion that was extremely successful from the outset. Guess what? It got high focus. Considering the problems inherent in recent expansions and patches, I’d say the proof is in the pudding that a sea change regarding commitment is needed at all levels within CCP. A good start to demonstrating that CCP is committed to players would be to address some key CSM backlogged issues.

We change gears a lot here, where I work.  Issues come up from area A and from area B almost at the same time, and they have little to do with each other, except in some cases they both are via similar languages. (Perl or Java or straight stored procedures in Sybase)  Management tends to lament over the need for the next-big-fix or next big thing to save us; when the reality is that those lamentations hurt moral, because we know it won’t happen, or happen so slowly it won’t have any time to be given any real commitment anyway.

Do I have a solution for it, where I work?  Not really, no.  I enjoy where I work, though I get frustrated and bummed about the lack of direction, or stable direction.  Will it get to me eventually?  Maybe.

It’s more likely that I will get pissed off at EVE for a lack of direction at the programmer/project level than I will work;  EVE is, after all, an escape from the real-world and a game.  The more its bureaucracy reminds me of work, the less I will enjoy it.

Bye Bye Domi

Wasn’t with the Throax mentioned previously, but with the Myrm: I managed to scare off a mission-run fit (one can only assume) Domi after he fired on my Catalylst.  The dink hid in the station, and the bacon finished cooking, so well, my priorities are in order.  It was great bacon.

Thorax for pvp?

So, tonight was fun in spite of a lack of action. I sent home the out of town ships and decided to fly the thorax around a bit.

First, I started with a probe launcher and expected to show up at a mr location and have a softer scan/steal ship. Not many hits in Everyshore tonight.

So, later I exchanged the scanner for a cloak. Flew a bit looking for trouble but didn’t find much. The ship is safely back in Dodoxie now and I think, tomorrow, I’m just going to go get it blown up. I kind of want to lose it by flying lower sec systems instead of in higher sec against a MR.

Hrm. More tears via the latter.


Not much going on tonight – if I can’t sleep I will log in later, but right now I’m going to try to get some rest; tomorrow is a busy “real-life” day with prep work for a deck on the house.  That said, tomorrow night I think my plan is going to be to take the Myrm off to somewhere close to another newbie area or three, and then head back in a shuttle to Dod and pickup a cheap scanning ship (I’ll fit a Catalyst or something) and scan down a “softer” MR or something.

Or, maybe I’ll can flip a bit.

Or work with whomever in the corp is online and go from there!

I’m sure as shit not going to mission run! ;)


I think I’d like to save up and ask EVOGANDA to create a banner/logo for this blog.  I know he’s quite busy these days, but it’d be a while before I ‘generated’ the ISKies.