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Shit of the Week: Redux 1

I decided to take the wonderful “Shit of the Week” post from Aiden, and have a little bit of fun. I spent a few million (ok, near 16) and fit the Swiss-Army Hurricane with the fitting details. Trying my best to alter nothing and to keep it as true to the original fitting as possible. Here is what I went with:

[Hurricane, Jack of All Trades]

Damage Control I
Beta Hull Mod Nanofiber Structure
Warp Core Stabilizer I
Small Automated Carapace Restoration

Explosive Deflection Amplifier I
Limited Kinetic Deflection Field I
10mn Afterburner I
Republic Fleet Medium Shield Extender

200mm Vulcan AutoCannon I, Arch Angel EMP M
Civilian Gatling AutoCannon, Phased Plasma S
Experimental SV-2000 Rapid Light Missile Launcher, Mjolnir Light Missile
Medium Remote Armor Repair System I
‘Limos’ Rocket Launcher I, no charge
250mm Light Carbine Howitzer I, no charge
Upgraded ‘Malkuth” Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I, no charge

Infiltrator I x2

I decided to post my location and a bounty of 10,000,000 ISK on my own head, to see if I could stir up some pew pew against this awesome jack of all trades fit. I undocked from Dodixie and made my way into lowsec, ending up in the Aeschee system. I had to dock for the night, but returned this afternoon; blasting my location out there on the twitters and getting a few RTs, etc…

Shortly, and unrelated to the tweets, I blew up, while at a gate. I had started to just simply do missions, playing it “safe” and waiting it out… hoping someone would scan me down.

I died in a quickly destroyed ball of fire and managed to get my pod out of there. In opening a conversation with the killer, he noted my fitting was… interesting. I told him of the prize, the tweets, and the posts and sent him and the other involved party 10 Million each.

I enjoyed the bit of interesting fun and look forward to Aiden posting another Shit Fit for me to use, destroy, and laugh about.

Now, I’m off to drink a lot more, scam some courier contracts and cause general mayhem.

Good old can-flipping and Crime Watch 2.0

First off, I have to say the great Aiden has a fantastic post about his opinion of CW2. Go read it. Then come back here and realize I add *nothing* to the conversation, as is usual.

You see, I think these are good changes. Or, from what I have managed to read while sitting here on my “lunch break” at work… (Which blocks most EVE related sites.)

I look forward to the chance of getting shot at by more people for “simply” stealing from a can. Hoping the criminal flags spread, like a sexually transmitted disease of “let me help you with that” and “can you RR me?” If I read things right, based on a copy-paste into reddit, CONCORD will not be responding to low-sec for illegal PVP, either. (EDIT: Apparently I read the post paste with the retarded side of my brain, read “lowsec” and thought “0.5”…*smack*)

Which is great for suicides, too…

What are your thoughts?

VR and corp life

Was sad to hear of VR’s murder; a reminder that the game we play is played with real people, and that the world is a much smaller place because of a bit of light in some glass wires. One of the realizations I have had in the past year of my life without my wife, is that it can end. At any time. “Planned”/expected and unexpected, as is the case of VR. I am proud of our little gamer family/community and how we have taken a moment to reflect on his contributions in all facets of the world, not just internet spaceships.


So, after a bit of a break again – well, really, who cares. I’m not here to impress you, but do my best with when I can play. I’ve been enjoying life in null with an alt for a little while – however I ended up out of the corp I had started to infiltrate; I couldn’t engineer my way in without a full API key. I’m going to try again soon. In fact, if you have any thoughts on a corp you would like to see infiltrated, feel free to let me know. You could end up with some of the stolen ISK, if any within a reasonable amount of time.

Tonight, I spent some time around Aunia, however nobody was really “up” for any general fuckery. Which is a PITA since I was eager to get back into the swing of things. That’s fine. My market orders made a bit of cash the last weekend/few days, and I’m off to a new area/system with the Orca after a few more scans.

I’m in… and off to null/low sec.

Well, with an alt, that is. I waited a few days before applying to the new corp, mentioned “IRL things” and sounded all sorts of… human. I was accepted in a trial status within a few minutes. I made my way off toward the home region and remembered to move my clone, too. Going to toss jump clones into that character, and the related skills, naturally. We will see if I can get past the “trial” status, due to my not having a full account API key… just a character one. I’ve made some friends in short order, though, so maybe. Maybe.

Met about four people in the 20+ jumps tonight, through null/low. We just ignored each other.

It’ll be time, soon, to launder some ISK over to the alt, and then expire the API key, and really move crap there, too. Get the toon up and running, then start “hanging out” with my new “family.”

On another note – I’ve got casino plans tomorrow night, but may be popping in as Gilbert and working on some more scams, etc. I need to, also, prep some documents for another in-game / out of game project I’m working on too. Note: If you have cash you don’t mind floating me for a bit, let me know. I’m likely to *not* return it, but you knew that anyway. ;)

Ok, so… I got sidetracked.

Chatted with a scammer about how often they get hits on the whole “WTS” contract scam without the actual ship in it. (The one where the ship looks like it’s got a full fitting, but there isn’t an actual _ship_ in the listing…)

I’m going to try that one out a bit, too, I think. The Orca is stuffed and ready to head out but I’m going to nap a bit and pop on later.

Feels empty sometimes…

Low-sec, that is. Before I decided to tinker around with some mission runners and do that old “goto” tactic of the ninja, I ran through the Marele/Spaen constellations in my Stabber. Looking for trouble. I had a couple of people following me from some random corp, but nothing that I as really worried about. I did know enough not to fuck with a corp while I’m out on a solo roam.

Then again, a few moments after starting this post while popping back into EVE to click “warp to zero” – I found two members of a corp called “Peanut Butter Jelly Time [PBJT]”. One in a Tormenter and the other in a Badger. It turned out, I did not manage to catch them for more than a few seconds, but I did get some experience in the art of direction scanning, etc. I met up with them in Groothese and as I started to burn toward the little mining operation they had setup, they warped off. No big deal. I’m on the way back to Dodixie to prep the Orca and head out somewhere to pick on mission runners and snag some loot for the market.

Just a few rambles…

I need to update this blog more often; I enjoy it and sometimes I forget to. Or, only update during the “business day” on breaks from my usual day-to-day job of programming. It helps that I type really fast. Anyway, on the docket this week is some (gasp) agent mission running for loyalty and to finally be able to run L4 missions. I want to get into scamming some people out of incursion loot again. I miss the days when SN would swarm an incursion and setup an orca to hold the loot somewhere close but at a range where warp-to works best.

I have a great EON Magazine update, for issue #027 and a new image for it to put up, too. But that will have to wait for when I am at home.

Does anyone have any experience running EVE on a system that has a whole-drive-encryption package running on it? Bitlocker or Truecrypt? I am curious. I think I’m going to take one of my machines and fuck with it a bit. Well, hell, while talking about it, if anyone knows a good, consistent, and reliable way to block skype on my network… I would be very thankful. That fucking app is like a goddamn virus and I hate it.

Enjoying the markets and my time playing lately

I have to say, I am very much enjoying the bit of money I am making dabbling in the markets. Having Margin Trading has helped, too. Especially if I am online for a while and trading actively, or semi-passively. I have found that if I can sell what I just purchased before I purchase the rest of my buy order, then, naturally the rest of the escrow gets covered from the profits. The math is simple.

Headed toward Hek last night, with a load of PVP items, because it would seem I can get almost a 1Mil/item more there than in Dodixie. Groovy. We’ll see how it goes, there seem to be less penny-sniping people there.

EVE Trader on iPhone has been a fantastic buy and I recommend it to anyone looking for some market updates while on the move. Splashtop Desktop for the PC and the iPad are also awesome, in terms of “lets be a nerd and look at my orders or change them from the toilet or my bed.” Not that I play EVE while shitting, I just like being a proof-of-concept nerd I suppose.

This weekend, I am looking for some pvp action, though. Going to get the scan-ship out, pop around a few systems, and fly until I get shot. Going to buy a few rifters, fit them up nice, and keep going until they are all gone.

That’s What She Said

A long time ago, I named my Iteron, “That’s What She Said.” I think I was watching the Office (American) during that time, and the iteron in all of it’s penis-like glory just got named that. It wasn’t a Roc sized Iteron, just an Iteron Mk3. (FYI, rumor has it, that Roc’s Itty is at least a little bigger.)

Anyway, dick jokes. Good times.

So, I decided to continue the Dodixie buy/sell of some pvp modules, and with one specific module, I earn anywhere between 700k and 1.5m per module. Another module, a scanner probe, has seemed to be a near constant price war. I usually ignore it when the penny fights are with quantities much lower than what I am selling if the market volume has been high anyway. But I decided to buy out the lower priced sale orders and just resell them.

Since I was given advice to try and pick a market near a PVP border, I took those shitty modules (which aren’t really shitty, just commonly used/forgotten/destroyed) and moved them there. Put them up on the market. Undocked to head back to Dod, bumped into another ship, and then promptly lost my little Itty. Oh well, there is 2 million gone. No biggie, and frankly, whatever. It’s certainly something I recouped price wise in the last few hours anyway.

I am beginning to like this. Just the right mix of numbers, travel, and play that I can seem to “handle” these days with my busy schedule.

One thing I did find, however, was the new low-sec area – and I think tonight I am going to take my cane out there, or something similar, and see what I can’t scare up or how fast I can lose the cane. ;)