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Wormhole scanning in a Tengu

I must say, I am really enjoying the last few posts by Tiger’s Ears on his forays into a WH while in a scanning-fit tengu. Go check out the last few posts if you are interested in it at all.

I’ve certainly decided I’d like to fit up something with a probe launcher and see what I see.


Contracts and the market

Parity Bit has a very nice article on the curiosity between “local” contracts and the market resale of those items in the contracts. If you want to know a little about how we work, check this out.

Culmination – the part I enjoy about corp theft

The corporation my alt is involved in (which never asked for API details, by the way) is starting to realize/fret over the missing corp hangar items.

The CEO was “gone” for a couple of weeks, Incarna went live, hubbub ensued as expected and obvious everywhere else, and now the CEO is back. Having reupped his subscription, he logs in to find an innocent evemail from me, asking why the corp hangar was empty as far as I could see.

He and the other “top guy” in the corp stated that the corp was on double super lock down. Or something technical like that. The CEO states he couldn’t find the log, but could see into the personal hangars and so knows who it was. (Funny – my personal hangar for the infilt alt is empty, having contracted everything to Gilbert within 30 seconds of stealing it all.)

Either way – the moment they point fingers at me is the moment I ransom the items back, release a “PSA” about using API checks, fuel my ship with the collected tears, and move on.

Good times ahead.

Sometimes all you get is a “no thanks”

After a while in Amattens, finding no “hits” of any real fun, I just started opening conversations with the people I was stealing from. This person was polite, and sometimes that’s all you get in an afternoon. Oh well, such is the ninja life.

[23:15:40] Gilbert Hamilton > Good afternoon, sir.
[23:15:40] dibben25 > like that ore
[23:15:50] Gilbert Hamilton > it does not belong to me as of yet.
[23:16:13] Gilbert Hamilton > if you would like, however, I can release it back to you and include licensure for one week’s “jetcan” mining in this region. (Everyshore)
[23:16:26] dibben25 > no thanks

Not feelin’ it tonight

So I spent some time running some missions for those “LP” things, and made sure to leave my wrecks for others to salvage. It’s one of those blah weekends, rainy, and I just don’t wanna do shit.

So I’m not gonna. ;)

Incarna…. stuff.

Firstly, I have to say that there is a fantastic review of most of the goings-on about this recent release, over at My Loot, Your Tears, by Khalia Nestune. Please visit that to get a summary of what the biggest concerns have been.

For me, really, it’s not been too big a deal. If MicroTransaction things come out and make the game easier for people – really, I could care less. I’m still going to piss them off, steal from them (and probably easier now that they don’t have some of the “real” experience of PVP) the same ways.

I mean, it dumbs down the game, turns it into WoWInSpace, but that’s about it for me so far. Granted, I’ve only been really committed to this game as my “only” MMO for about 18 months. Not the years upon years that others have been.

However, I do very much enjoy the conversations, yelling, fighting, screaming, and overall – communication, that seems to be starting between the biggest portion of the playerbase and the devs. Even if they are just towing the company line. That’s a shit move, but I like knowing that the community out there is actually following along with this game. They are not sheep and you can’t pull one over on them/us.

Post Incarna Thoughts

Well, it’s pretty cool. My machine displays/runs it just fine, and so far, I’ve no problems with it. All of my characters are, as expected, damn sexy.

I’ve got market buy orders on the things I hope will increase in value.

I’ve let the CEO of my infiltrated corp know that, “Hey, the corp hangar is empty. WTF? Patch issue?”

Betting on stupid, there, really.