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How many zeros are in the number 70 million?

Apparently, not very many. Just a pastebin convo I found off of the subreddit /r/eve. I have to say, the confusion created by this guy who was trying to scam the scammer is a perfect example of how easy it is to gather tears in this game. Not only that, but the scammer really messed up when he said he works for CCP. That’s a definite “no” in our playbook. You just don’t do that. Like how you don’t can-bait in newbie systems. Or play WoW.

The idea of putting up the same ship, renamed, to confuse the guy is a really good one and one I am going to have to tinker with, later.


Galaxy Empire (ios)

A new source of tears for those times I’ve checked my various EVE feeds, API updates, etc and I am still on the toilet… has been the interesting game, “Galaxy Empire”. I am not sure about android, but it is on the ios devices. Typical “colonize and build” internet spaceship games. But of them all I enjoy this one’s UI the best. It’s not just a rendered webpage. Though the planets all have the same building layouts and that gets kind of boring, the community is pretty active.

Active in the usual “russian, asian, and american” ways. Meaning, depending on the time of day, you will have different people doing different things.

I’ve joined an alliance and have begun extracting tears. It has proven fun, too. Especially via the ingame mail systems, etc.

Thought about creating a Suddenly Ninjas or TEARS alliance there, but I haven’t found many other assholes in game yet.

I’m based out of the aptly named planet “Dodixie” on [3:19:2].

An update on the market fun, and pirate acts

Well, not pirate acts, per se, but just tear gathering. I had been running low on my supply of tears, too. This weekend proved to net me a few tears, but nothing more than a rage-quite from the MR I was chasing and the further realization that low-sec is fucking empty. I think I ventured toward the Tribute area, in my shiney Dramiel, just asking to get blown up. Nothing. Nobody but a few people I would catch by gates, going the other way, etc.

Hell, hardly any rats!

But I did scan a bit back in the Sinq region. I had to head back; I found someone had fulfilled my entire purchase order for an item I make about a million on with each resale. So, I figured I would flip those items and scan. That MR shot at my vigil, while I was doing the usual thing. He was in a Thorax, and a Raven friend was nearby. In a different corporation, however. So the Raven could do nothing but watch.

The MR only shot at me after I decided to target him. He had auto-target on still ( mistake, imho ) and shot at me. He warped off. I warped off and returned with the Dram. Finding him again, I started to burn towards him and noticed he was indeed fit well. So I returned with the Vexor before I made a stupid move and went into a gun fight with a knife. I still need some work on the fitting for the Dram. Anyway – I returned. Opened convo with him, and he logs off.

14 minutes later, he returns.

Sees me and the Raven friend still in his mission.

Then logs off again. Not to return for the hour or so I remained on.

Sigh. So close.

On the market updates – Sinking the stored PLEX into the market via a nice sale really helped. I could buy back that PLEX now and have a couple hundred million more, but I keep sinking it back in and am finding a few more regions where the locals seem to really enjoy some items. Either selling them to me because they don’t feel like moving them to other regions, or buying them because they need them. As always, if you have any regions you’d like to see me selling at, feel free to send me a note.

I was recognized, too, back in the Sinq region. Someone I had given some ninja-advice to a while back, apparently. I didn’t remember them. But they were kind and thankful. Though stating they were back to mission running. Which is fine, that’s their thing. I do it sometimes, too. Usually when I have Minecraft open in another window. ;)

Startup Funds

So I really think I’ve committed to this “investing in the markets” thing – because I ended up selling the reserve plex I had last night (just one of them) because I noticed a few things about the markets in different regions.

I was on my way to Jita, stopping in each system and tooling around with the locals. Wreck stealing from station games, things like that. Nobody blew me up. Or as Jordan thought, nobody blew me. I kept my market window open (sidebar: I am __really__ loving how EVE fits on two screens now) and noticed some huge disparities in the market values of two or three of my most commonly sold items.

So I pumped a good 500 million into them and so far, most of my buy orders are satisfied within a day’s time. Hoping to turn that around this weekend.

A fantastic read for anyone spending ISK…

And that, really, is *all* of us. This link here: at EVE Altruist’s site is a beautiful article. That’s really all I can say about it because I could ramble on about how I agree with every paragraph or have tried (or are currently trying) most of them, too.

I would like to add, and he mentions not knowing much about Planetary Interaction, that it is indeed a “so-so” form of passive income. I tend to set it and forget it; coming back to my two planets when I remember to, like tonight. I’ve had more planets at any given time, but I’ve settled on two low-sec planets. It isn’t something I will do AFK because SN is usually at war. However, when we’re not, I’ll AFK to the system before the low-sec jump, then scoot in and grab my lewtz on the way to market.

If you can find a good system with popular planets, you may also be able to get into contract scamming, with labels such as “goods for WH/market” and hope someone is expecting you to have undervalued the cargo they can’t carry but only sell. (To later find out it is crap.)

That’s a money making model that is still working for me sometimes, too.

A new EON and DUST (or: the reason I bought a PS3?)

Likely, not the reason. However, I did get a PS3 recently and will be happy when this game is released. I’m hoping go-live won’t be a big hurdle. Here is a spot from our favorite magazine about the next issue, containing some DUST information.

EON Magazine #027

In Dust 514 We Trust Chemical Brothers-inspired headlines abound as we at last get some shoot-in-face time with CCP’s first console game, DUST 514. With 12 pages devoted to the PS3 shooter, we first follow the adventures of Team Haggis, winner of the inaugural Dust tournament, before procrastinating over the game’s lengthy feature list and the implications the release will have for EVE Online, New Eden and the wider universe of games. The parallel journey into a familiar world starts here! Assault Ship Testflight Having repackaged the Tier-3 battlecruisers, EON’s chief test pilot Kirith Kodachi fits and flies out another batch of Crucible vessels – EVE’s venerable assault ships. Between them these heavy-hitting frigates have received, thanks to January’s 1.1 release, the most eagerly-approved upgrades since the word ‘iteration’ was invented. All eight ships are given the full Testflight treatment in one of the biggest round-ups in EON history. CSM6 In Review Seleene, the latest to head the Council of Stellar Management, looks back over the events of the last 12 months from the above-and-behind view reserved for the privileged members of EVE’s player-elected council. He takes us through the record-breaking vote a year ago, into meetings with CCP, past the so-called Summer of Rage and occupation of Jita and through the redemptive expansion known as Crucible. It’s been quite a journey. Understanding Time Dilation Just as there’s more to time travel than a DeLorean and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity, Time Dilation is more than just a slo-mo switch the developers casually throw when the hamsters get tired. To understand TiDi we must understand the nature of lag itself, which is actually best illustrated by visiting the bar and getting some beers in. Plus
• The Eve News 24 Story
• The Ammatar Mandate
• CCP Diagoras & Flying Scotsman
• Machariel worship
• The Fall & Rise of Ushra’Khan
• Profiled: Odyssey Inc, DUST Uni and Lollipops for Rancors
• Making the most of exploration
• Postcards from the Edge
• Teh Lighter Side of EVE