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So, on this whole CCP “thing” lately

I guess I could call this a contribution into the latest Blog Banter 28 [sort of], as run now by Seismic Stan. So I’ll put the preamble here.

In recent months, the relationship between CCP and it’s customers has been the subject of some controversy. The player-elected Council of Stellar Management has played a key role in these events, but not for the first time they are finding CCP difficult to deal with. What effect will CCP’s recent strategies have on the future of EVE Online and it’s player-base? What part can and should the CSM play in shaping that future? How best can EVE Online’s continued health and growth be assured?

One might notice, the Ninjas have been quite quiet. Which is to say, at least I haven’t blogged or posted on the forums regarding the recent issues within the game. A link to a well written copy of Mittani’s writeup is here, on Helicity’s site. You should read it. (And the rest of that site. Good stuff, it is.)

Last night, I logged in, lost my Jag, and then continued to tinker around and play the game I love. This is a pretty normal day for me, though I don’t particularly like losing ships, I can replace it. That’s rule #0, in my book.

Every now and again, I look at my wallet and see I still have 1,000 of those nifty “buy a shirt” credits. I could care less about that part of the game, unless I can figure out a way to scam people out of theirs or make a large profit on it. That’s what I, and really, SN, does. And we do it very well.

Walking in stations? Whatever. I mean, cool, sure. I have a PC that will certainly “last” quite a while and through a bunch of upgrades. That’s not why I bought it, but hey, whatever.

Fucking with the market with those noble exchange points? If more people RMT into the game and purchase those points, get the items to the market, and let me scam them from them, I’m happy with it. Knowing someone took *real* money, spent it on a virtual hat of shit, and then I took that from them or destroyed it somehow? That’s just icing on the cake.

CCP decided to bring those CSM members to Iceland a while back and I’m glad to see that line of communication between them. I work in a large corporate environment, as a computer programmer/analyst. I know that “communication” really never means actual communication. It’s all just shit. Call it “TQM“, “CQI“, “ITIL“, “CSM” – it’s all the same crap, wrapped a different way by people who need to invent things to make themselves feel like they’ve accomplished something, instead of getting actual work done.

But, maybe I’m too jaded about corporate life already and just don’t care about that kind of drama in my games. I can play the sociopath card plenty of ways here at work, get what I want, and come out looking awesome for it; while wearing a sexy suit and pretending I’m buff like Roc. That party is easy. When I get home to play EVE, Minecraft, or anything else – I just don’t care about that drama and nerfs and things like that. It’s a passion of mine, EVE, sure. But I don’t believe anything unless I see it in game, or see it in good morale from the community.

The morale still stinks, to this day, in the EVE community.

In the end, I intend to profit ISK from it.

Oh Dust…

Roc has a fantastic post over on his site, that sums up all I could ever say about this upcoming Dust stuff. If you want to know what/how a geek feels about this – read it. I too am a software programmer that tinkers with hardware and other stuffs to occupy my mind. (read: family, horse racing, and minecraft. ftw.)

But the inner geek in me knows that CCP chose to sleep with Sony because of their geeks, too. It’s no big deal, but I’m not going to play that game. It’s ok. I will find ways to grief the Dust players from up in space somehow. ;)

Quick Rant #1

Why doesn’t CCP have mobile versions of EVE Gate up yet? Seriously, folks. Get it done. It’s just CSS, to be honest.