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Know what would have been nice with the “new website”, CCP?

A mobile friendly version of EVE Gate. http://gate.eveonline.com while on my iPhone can be viewed, but application of a different CSS sheet isn’t too bad. I know, it’s so 2005 to apply different logic to a site based upon screen size, but hey, who am I? I’m just a developer. Nothing much.

Aggro Extension Example

Tonight, I was hunting down mission runners in Lustrevik.  I had given a family member 10Million ISK and needed to make that back.  I soon found a Thrasher kiting a lot of rats.

I started stealing, and he shot at my Slasher.  I warped away, just barely making it out in time.   (The price of the slasher aside, the utility of it is well worth getting my ass out of there instead of dodging.  At least, lately.)

I returned in the Brutix, ready to just smash his face in but he warped away when he saw my ugly mug arrive.  I killed a couple of his rats, and before I warped off I extended aggro by shooting a wreck.  It went from 8 minutes left to 15.

Then, I warped off to my station, changed ships for my Rifter, checked to see if he was docked (no) and then undocked.  I popped around from station to station, just toying and playing with d-scan. (Something I need to do.)  The session changes confirmed that I still had the aggression.

When the timer got down to 7 or 8 minutes again, I warped back and shot another wreck while dodging rats.

At some point I made a bookmark just under 1AU away so I could watch the scene.  Also, at some point I received payment for my rat killing. Real honest ISK!

It was after the third or fourth extension that I told him via chat and mail that I was “done” with his mission and he could return.  He returned and I watched him arrive.  I warped to the scene, to find him 100km away.  Crap.  Shit.  I’m in a Rifter fit with an AB though.  I burned and overheated toward him.  Almost straight toward him and then I remembered I wanted to practice keeping my transversal high.  So I started that technique, and then soon had him scrammed and webbed.

My autocannons were hitting him pretty fast, though the range on those is close.  A ship scan from first aggro from him (when he shot my slasher), showed he had medium range and short range runs on the boat.    My camera was still watching him, expecting him to align to something “favorite” of his.  So when I did the trick to keep transversal up again, I actually was clicking off to an unknown area of space and soon he was 10km from me again.


So I corrected that, started orbiting at 750m again and soon he went boom.   That said, I only did 30% of the damage.  The rats did the other.  I think I need to fit T2 weapons on the Rifter if I really want to hit with it, and on top of that pay attention to where I click.

I did notice, when I returned to watch for his return – that his capsule was within dscan. (set at 50,000,000 km)  So this means he must have ragelogged, and then his capsule warped off randomly.


Scanning Methods

Just read a post (there are many out there) about scanning with seven probes.  (Read it over on: Ecliptic Rift)  I find it interesting and it somewhat makes me feel happy to realize that I’ve been scanning with seven probes for as long as I’ve been scanning. Seven probes seems, based on all that I’ve found, to be the best method.  What I’ve tried so far is:

  • Seven Probes – Works well.  Reposition all probes with shift+click/drag.  Worse case: You have many at the ready to shrink down to 0.5AU and reposition over a mark.
  • Five Probes – Didn’t work so well.  It worked sometimes, but involved finding a mark, reordering individual probes and that always seems to have one probe “sneak” up or down off the solar plane; to be realized only after one clicked “analyze”.
  • Three Probes – Didn’t work on smaller ships where one needed the extra electronics and skill points to narrow down on a mark.

In short, and really, I think ship scanning has been one of the most fun things I’ve found worth doing in EVE.  Being that it’s “geeky” and that it  also takes an interesting bit of skill and thought.  A lot of my skill points have been allocated to scanning/astrometrics. One of the little tricks I’ve come across is that I leave my probes floating in space when I get a few marks to check, only when I know I’m going to be online for a while and if I’m not focused on PVP.

What methods work best for you?   What are some tips and tricks you’ve discovered?

I need a Sisters probe launcher.

Back in Dodixie: part two

So, after the bluescreen issues from a day or two ago, I was able to drag all of my stolen crap back to Dodixie for sale.  After that, I took the T2 scanning ship out one jump away and found a nice mark with two battleships next to each other.   Not being sure what type of missions were in that area, I quickly went back to Dod and grabbed the Slasher for a quick salvage/loot run.

On entering the mission, I realized it was one of those “pick a room between Gur and Serp” missions.  The D-Scan at 50Mkm said most of the ships were in one room so I went there.  I bluescreened.

When I returned, I was alone in the room and able to salvage.  There were a few tasty wrecks with some expensive looking missile launchers; I grabbed one and then the owner returned.  Caring more about the 2Mil in loot than the 40k Slasher, I warped off and dumped the goods.  On the return trip, I sniped a few loots from the mission runner while he was tractoring the items.  He did not aggro on me, and I ended the day up a couple million for 15 minutes work.

That said, I am wondering if I had gained aggro and returned with the Myrm if I could have taken out the Hurricane.  If he was tractoring items, that was one high slot doing that work.  He was also salvaging with it, so there is another high slot.  He probably had T2 drones, that would have ripped my Myrm to shreds – but that got me thinking; what type of armor should I focus on when I want to tank drones of various genres?

I’ll be spending some time thinking about that.  Armor tanking?  Drone vs drone?

Voice and Russian

Today went well. Managed to, apparently, piss off some Russian Corp. Sorry guys, I don’t translate and Russian tears make my armor points go up. (French tears make afterburners work better, too.)

Though, I only made out with a relatively small run. I spent the bulk of the night dicking with Eve-Voice. It just won’t work on my machine. Maybe it’s a windows 7 issue. My firewalls and routers are fine. It’s a requirement for Suddely Ninjas and I’d like to listen. No worked if I can’t but i’m a bit annoyed it seems to be an eve thing; I have support requests in with the voice providers and CCP. Wish me luck.