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Tired of my Iteron

I’m tired of my Iteron.  It’s dusty, old, and looks like a wang.   Really, it just doesn’t fit lately.  I’ve taken to hanging out around a system with a lot of NPC kills (agral, illinfrik, etc) and then moving base to somewhere else.  Which  means I have to repackage ships, make a couple trips, and do all of that.

Usually that is ok – I play some Call of Duty in another screen while I let autopilot do its thing.

But that’s not really safe.  So I’m going to, over this holiday break, skill up for my Orca and hopefully with the plex I contracted recently, purchase one and have it available to shuttle things around when the coast is clear.

I know, I stay in high-sec but an Orca will be harder to suicide than an Iteron, right? ;)

Plus, I won’t have to refit/repackage ships and I can keep rigging, etc.


Moved a lot of my ships around last night – repackaged a lot of crap and just generally “hauled” stuff back to one of two “home bases” so to speak.  Refit my Rifter called “Drake” and started tinkering with a Throax that I may try to snipe with.  The drone bay isn’t too bad, either.  It’s just a thought.  Tonight, however, it’s getting close to holiday season.  So I’ve got a skill in my queue and I’m going to relax out of game for a bit, maybe see you on the 26th.  Maybe before.  I’ve still got a lot of “garbage collection” to do, at various stations.

Hey, I’ve got a PLEX in my hangar…

So, I’m not certain how often others get hits on this sort of thing, but I put a WTB contract up for a PLEX at 400,000 ISK.  (They were going for attempts at 10,000 and 1 million, and the usual 300-400 million.)

Thanks, Zancshar Iller!

Where do I find mission runners?

Here is a great video from the great blog, My Loot, Your Tears.  If you want to know where to find those pesky mission runners, check this out.

I’m full of fail, according to:

Viog says I’m full of fail.  I warped into his pleasure hub running mission.  I know I’d never take that drake, especially after his alliance member warped there in another drake, too.  So a nice bout of local taunting helped.  No damsel, but that’s not the point some nights, is it? ;)

Congrats on one year!

Congrats to EVE Travel on 1 year!

Suddenly – Free Ships!

The lovely boss at Suddenly Ninjas wants everyone to know, we have been working real hard this holiday season.  I mean, for us.  Some of us are wonderfully productive, some of us are mildly retarded.  So I’ll just copy some of his post, here.  (Can you guess which group (productive or retarded) I fall into?)

How it works:

Over the next few weeks, you can keep an eye on the public section of our forums as well as this blog for tips on where to find these little giveaways. You can also monitor the “suddenlygiveaway” channel in-game for a heads-up on ship type and location an hour before each event.

In keeping in theme, ships given away will mostly be battleship-class mission ships, with occasional battlecruiser tossed in. Ships may or may not be fitted, and who knows, there might even be a little shiny tucked away on there for certain extra-lucky little bears.The first giveaway event will be sometime in the next week.

So keep an eye out and listen up kids. And from all of us, to all of you; Happy Holidays Eve.

…and thanks for being so damn fun.

There is more information at the link above, and also on the EVE-O Forums.