Link: Level 4 missions in a Caracal

The good blog over at Freebooted has a writeup on the experience of running a L4 mission in a Caracal.  I find this a great article.  What is interesting to me is that it goes to show – a little bit of thinking outside the box goes a long way.

Sure, he had to wait minutes to offline and online different modules, but what the heck, why not.

Also, make me think – I really should start paying attention to the missions I warp into and attempt to steal from.  Is the ship running it fit for the mission, fit for pvp, or fit for fun?  Things like that could potentially change the outcomes that usually happen to me when I try to fight back.


2 responses to “Link: Level 4 missions in a Caracal

  1. Now there’s a thought – coming up with loadouts to lure and defeat ninja salvagers.

    Although trying my hand at a bit of mission-invading is also something I’d like to experiment with. Poacher? Gamekeeper? I dunno, it depends on what medication I’m taking on any given day. Thanks for the link.

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      But, why would you want to defeat the ninja salvager/thief – we have to make money somehow! (notice, I don’t call myself pirate. I consider myself terrible at pvp. :P)

      Mission invasion has a pretty low barrier to entry, and the things people do to “get rid” of us cockroaches usually only make us a) laugh (it is a game) or b) richer (blue wrecks = money.) When they blow up wrecks for us, it becomes a bit of a race, and lets us tinker with speed vs salvage loadouts, etc. Good times.

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