What a pretty ship…

I thought to myself as I noticed the Legion was slowly making his way over to my location. I had been stealing from his Noctis flying alt for a few minutes. I suppose every now and again, your crimes have to catch up to you.

Still, it was a beautiful T3 ship!


5 responses to “What a pretty ship…

  1. Why did you fit a heat sink on your Rifter?

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      ..I’d like to say I failfit it or something but, really I don’t know. I think maybe I dragged it, instead of another module, onto the ship. Fail.

      • Yeah with the meta damage mods it’s pretty easy to screw up since they all have the same icon.

        Btw you may also wish to drop the mid-range/+tracking ammo on a frigate; it’s almost always better to use close range ammo or Barrage instead.

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      Good thoughts – thanks for the advice!

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