Tired of my Iteron

I’m tired of my Iteron.  It’s dusty, old, and looks like a wang.   Really, it just doesn’t fit lately.  I’ve taken to hanging out around a system with a lot of NPC kills (agral, illinfrik, etc) and then moving base to somewhere else.  Which  means I have to repackage ships, make a couple trips, and do all of that.

Usually that is ok – I play some Call of Duty in another screen while I let autopilot do its thing.

But that’s not really safe.  So I’m going to, over this holiday break, skill up for my Orca and hopefully with the plex I contracted recently, purchase one and have it available to shuttle things around when the coast is clear.

I know, I stay in high-sec but an Orca will be harder to suicide than an Iteron, right? ;)

Plus, I won’t have to refit/repackage ships and I can keep rigging, etc.


3 responses to “Tired of my Iteron

  1. You may want to wait a week or two before buying an Orca. Prices increased substantially prior to the learning skill point reimbursement, in anticipation of many players skilling up for new ships.

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