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I was told to run in a pack

I had started the night in Illinfrik just scanning and stealing wrecks. I had made a little bit, and even sold off the “Special Delivery” package I had snagged from a mission runner within the first few minutes. It was going slow, but one MR decided to shoot me with his Hurricane.

I warped away and returned in the Rifter. He was a room ahead now, and when I warped into that room I found him a good 70km off from the warp in point. Ugh. So I burned toward him and found I was doing well, taking some of his damage. Eventually, though, I lost it. He had me webbed and pointed, and I went into structure.

I warped away with 1/3rd structure left. Repaired, returned, and burned toward him again. This time, trying/practicing that trick to keep my transversal up. It helped a bit, and he started to take more damage, but I lost it again and warped off a 2nd time.

At this point he and I convo, and I tell him “grats” and he says if I want to steal and then fight, that I should run in a pack instead. We talked a bit about how that was a good idea, etc.

So I sent out a fleet request and within a few minutes, got a few people together. We noticed he brought friends, and from a spot about 20,000,000 km away, I waited until the Hurricane left the mission.

We all warped into room 1, and saw the cane starting back on scan. Quickly we went to room 2, and hoping he didn’t look at d-scan – we waited for him.

Just as I started to bitch, he warped in and we were all at the warp-in spot. He went boom a few minutes later.

[02:16:47] Gilbert Hamilton you were saying, fly in packs?
[02:16:53] splifferman you guys…..
[02:17:06] splifferman yeah….nice warp scramble……damn….
[02:17:23] Gilbert Hamilton I don’t often fly pack like – but it worked well. Lesson learned.
[02:17:51] splifferman you took my loot and my ship…one…day…your guys are on my list
[02:18:09] Gilbert Hamilton good luck with that.
[02:18:24] Gilbert Hamilton yeah, wait, xmas card list?
[02:18:30] splifferman yeah…well your playing a game…where you have to watch your back
[02:18:57] Gilbert Hamilton I will. Thanks. It’s hard to see sometimes.
[02:18:59] splifferman you guys got into a fight with orther members of our corp too
[02:19:02] Gilbert Hamilton depending on the light.

After that, the fleet traveled a few jumps away and I realized – I needed to sleep for the night. Wish I could have brought more to the party tonight, but I did have fun getting in on a kill. Lessons learned: Need to skill up to fly my own Hurricane. I can fly the ship, but a proper T2 fitting – not quite yet. Transversal increases work well. Changing ammo while attacking is nice, but if all your guns are grouped, that lull stinks.

Here is a nice little shot of his Hurricane going boom.

Drones, come to papa!

I don’t think I have ever purchased a single drone in the entire time I’ve been able to control them. Things like last night keep popping up.

I logged in for a “few minutes” to update my skill queue, and was invited to go pew a Rattlesnake in Emol. I made it to Emol, but just as the ship died, so I couldn’t get in on the real fun. No worries, it was only 5 jumps. I decided, while I was there, to look at a belt or two.

Belt 1 had a Retriever and another ship (forgot what it was), hanging out. I think they were trying to piss each other off, because there were cans out titled “fight me”, etc. I dropped the bait near the Retriever; since he had four drones out. (T1 drones, all size “small”.) He would send them to the other ship, and then get aggro, and then return them to his boat. This went on for a few minutes, and I realized I wasn’t getting any bites.

So I started bumping the Retriever away from the rock he was mining. He reorganized himself and flew back within range, and started mining again. At about this time, a Catalyst came into the picture. He was doing similar things to the miner, and within a few minutes, flew off in frustration. I kept doing my thing.

A few minutes later, the Catalyst returns. This time I see on my screen, “Criminals are not welcome here xxx.” He was suicide ganking the Retriever. While the Retriever’s drones were out. His name turned red, though I still got the criminal warning when I tried to shoot. I didn’t fire, out of worry and really, it was over fast anyway.

So I was able to scoop the loot for the Catalyst as well as the Retriever. Which included 4 cheap drones.

This is why I never mind losing them. There are just too many ways to steal them. I’ve had plenty of “afk” miners get piss off at my bumping that they warp away without recalling the drones.

I give them all a good home in my hangar. It’s ok.

Sansha Incursion

Read: Wrecks for us to steal from. Yippie. Awesome trailer, too.

Packing up!

Had a fun time in a corp operation/roam last night. We were around the Rens area, a few jumps away. Causing general mayhem and getting some delicious tears and some mission bounties. While I was only listening to the chatter on the voice-server, I still had a good time.

Taking that as indication I need to pack up and head away from Dodixie for a while. Off to Rens I go, but not before I fly around, picking up everything I can that I can consider “junk” or salvage to sell – and leave for the Rens/Jita area with it.

Moar Drugs? Of course!

Good old Boosters. Where would we be without you?!

Retriever Down

I managed to down a retriever this afternoon. I packed up an imicus, rifter, tristan, and two vigils (all fully fit) and headed toward Amarr space. In the newbie area of Pansha, I found a retriever jettisoning ore into an unsecure can.

So I stole it, and then put it into my own can. Instead of simply stealing it back, he put his drones onto me. After the first one died, he pulled them back in. I managed to get within scrambler/web range and make a good explosion.

I chased him down a bit, later, too. Returning to the wreck to extend the aggro every 10 minutes or so, and after I had him at 30+ minutes still with the ability to shoot – I spotted him undocking. I had him scrambled, but must have missed the roll for it, because he was able to warp off. I got in a couple shots, and it was a small bestower, but he didn’t pop.

Tried finding the insta warp spot, since he logged off right after that. It’s well known that your ship floats around if you log off, but I couldn’t find it. (It warps off in a random direction, not sure how far, but that’s why when you log back in (after quitting in space) you are in warp toward the spot you were last at.)

I also got called an idiot:

From: Golnnar
Sent: 2010.11.14 21:03
To: Gilbert Hamilton,

have u nothing better to do than try to steal easy kills u dweeb

Proof I will honor at least 1 ransom a day

And Zen Dad was it. Though, I think toward the end, he was coming on to me. Gil isn’t into that.

[21:55:11] Gilbert Hamilton > I will blue the container
[21:55:14] Gilbert Hamilton > For 100k isk.
[21:55:35] Zen Dad > thanks – im working on my website and not looking at the screen…
[21:55:56] Zen Dad > gilbert thats naughty
[21:55:58] Gilbert Hamilton > looking at it enough to jetcan. it’s ok, happens to all of us. 100k. there are about .1M in there now.
[21:56:05] Gilbert Hamilton > about 600k worth of mats, to be honest.
[21:56:28] Zen Dad > i get 1.8mill from a full trip.
[21:56:39] Gilbert Hamilton > that’s cool, I could ask for 250k. No worries.
[21:56:48] Zen Dad > so how do i send money
[21:56:57] Gilbert Hamilton > right click my name, then click “send money”
[21:57:11] Gilbert Hamilton > rather, sorry, “give money”
[21:57:16] Zen Dad > id really like to wrap something else up and send i t :-))
[21:57:22] Zen Dad > but here we go
[21:57:24] Gilbert Hamilton > I’m not into penis, that much.
[21:58:38] Gilbert Hamilton > Fly safe, and next time if you need to acquire license to jettison ore into an unsecure can, just let me know.

You’re so fail

I warped into this mission, with a Domi and a Hyperion. I was in my trusty salvage vigil, and started generally annoying the MR. When I warped ahead, in local he says he hopes they 1-shot me, saying I’m a noob.

So I warp off, safely of course, and then return behind them. He kept shooting wrecks before I could loot any, until finally I caught up to one.

I was targeted, but he kept killing the rats. So I painted them, and started taking some sec-status as payment.

I got bored, and was getting sleepy. So I warped away to log off and in my wallet, I find this:


Look at all that blue

I did some general logistical work this weekend. The planets I am extracting from, with proper sell orders, net me about 3 million in a week’s time. It’s not much, but it buys a new spellbook or two, for some ISK generation I can kind of “forget about”. I am learning to set the extraction timers to 30 mins or 5 hours depending on that day’s play style. When I’m not going to play, I’ll set them to 23 hours.

At one point of the day I was hauling the extracted planet goodies back to Dodixie to sell. I went afk, as I usually do while not in war o low-sec. I returned to my desktop and noticed a lot of concord presence around a stargate. They had just blown to bits four battleships, and some other ships were already starting to salvage. I was in my Ity Mk III and able to ride there at about 200m/sec. Maybe a bit more.

Eventually I made it to the wrecks and noticed they were all blue. Someone had decided, before podding away, to abandon them. Guess they knew they’d never return for them, or whatever. I missed the actual fight. Maybe it was a suicide gank. Either way, the loot was mine and all told, I think it was roughly 10 million in loot.

Combined with my sales orders for the planetary goods, I had a profitable weekend.

Tonight, I am going to head back to the Everyshore region and see if I can get some kills via can flipping or the usual ninja loot methods.

As posted to the forums

Forum Link (though, I think I picked the wrong forum… :/ and, I’m at work so I can’t refresh the links, too. I’m just reposting here to carry the idea forward and get it seen, possibly.)

I’d like to start off by saying that I have no clue if interest in this will exist at all or grow over time. I hope the latter, of course, as horse-racing is something I am interested in the “real world”, as well. If it already exists through a known channel/method, please use that one and let me know, here!

This weekend, the 5th/6th of November, the Breeder’s Cup races will be held at Churchill Down’s racetrack. I am offering to take bets on the final race of the cup: the Breeders’ Cup Classic.

In trying to be transparent here, I’m posting a link to a sample parimutuel log.

Sample Log Here

I will create a new one, and post a link here to that – once the final entries for that race are known.

Some rules/information:

Race: 11/6/2010 – Churchill Downs – Race 11 (Breeder’s Cup Classic) 1 1/4 miles (10 furlongs) – $5Million Purse

Churchill Schedule
Race info page
Wikipedia Page on the Cup
DRF Page on the BC
More info

When/if past performances are available, I will post links to them, here, too. I’m assumingPPs for the big race will be available by Thursday like they usually are.


Send ISK (in whole dollar amounts only) to Gilbert Hamilton (this character) and your choice of which horse to win.

I will reply with your ticket confirmation code within a few hours. This will be needed (along with your name) to claim any winnings.

Ticket sales will close at 10PM EST the night before the race. (at least this time around. it’s just me.)

WIN POOL ONLY while I see if this idea gets off the ground at all.

BET PLACEMENT IS CURRENTLY CLOSEDwhile we wait for the final order/entries to be decided. (We are still early.)

As soon as possible, I will update the google spreadsheet toteboard, and I suggest you use that as well as any other “real life” odds to help determine which horse to bet on. Equibase is a great resource for that, as well as the race pages themselves.

Thanks for your time. I hope this is the proper forum area, and if it is not, I will have it moved I suppose. Any questions, please send them my way.