A can flip in Ammold

Flipped a can in Ammold, belt 1.  The retriever sent his drones attacking my Vigil.  I warped off, and returned with a snip fit Vexor.  Got him into armor before warped away. (The vexor has no scram/web…)  He warped to station, and I watched him there.

When he undocked, I knew he was going back to belt 1, and in a better ship.  He was.  It was a rifter.  I was returning in a tristan.  The fight was a good learning experience for me.  I started to get nervous when he had started to scram me, and I was losing shield.  His ship, however, was losing things too.  Albeit faster than I, so I kept my orbit nice and tight.

He went down a few seconds later, and we had a little conversation about the kill, things like that.


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