Monthly Archives: April 2012

Just a few rambles…

I need to update this blog more often; I enjoy it and sometimes I forget to. Or, only update during the “business day” on breaks from my usual day-to-day job of programming. It helps that I type really fast. Anyway, on the docket this week is some (gasp) agent mission running for loyalty and to finally be able to run L4 missions. I want to get into scamming some people out of incursion loot again. I miss the days when SN would swarm an incursion and setup an orca to hold the loot somewhere close but at a range where warp-to works best.

I have a great EON Magazine update, for issue #027 and a new image for it to put up, too. But that will have to wait for when I am at home.

Does anyone have any experience running EVE on a system that has a whole-drive-encryption package running on it? Bitlocker or Truecrypt? I am curious. I think I’m going to take one of my machines and fuck with it a bit. Well, hell, while talking about it, if anyone knows a good, consistent, and reliable way to block skype on my network… I would be very thankful. That fucking app is like a goddamn virus and I hate it.

Enjoying the markets and my time playing lately

I have to say, I am very much enjoying the bit of money I am making dabbling in the markets. Having Margin Trading has helped, too. Especially if I am online for a while and trading actively, or semi-passively. I have found that if I can sell what I just purchased before I purchase the rest of my buy order, then, naturally the rest of the escrow gets covered from the profits. The math is simple.

Headed toward Hek last night, with a load of PVP items, because it would seem I can get almost a 1Mil/item more there than in Dodixie. Groovy. We’ll see how it goes, there seem to be less penny-sniping people there.

EVE Trader on iPhone has been a fantastic buy and I recommend it to anyone looking for some market updates while on the move. Splashtop Desktop for the PC and the iPad are also awesome, in terms of “lets be a nerd and look at my orders or change them from the toilet or my bed.” Not that I play EVE while shitting, I just like being a proof-of-concept nerd I suppose.

This weekend, I am looking for some pvp action, though. Going to get the scan-ship out, pop around a few systems, and fly until I get shot. Going to buy a few rifters, fit them up nice, and keep going until they are all gone.