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Skill Group Chart – September 2010

In regards to September, it should be noted that I’ve spent a bit of time “rounding out” my ship flying skills, and am working on a missile boat/stealth bomber.

Skill Group Chart – August 2010

Well not much has changed this month, as I took in a few larger skills.  Drones V (finally) being one of the more important ones.  I’ve had a busy real-life month too, so some astrometric skills were tossed in there and left to move while I was away.  I am slowly becoming more centered, motivated, and closing in on Gunnery and Spaceship Command.

Skill Group Chart – July 2010

It’s only a few days late into July, but here is this month’s skill chart.

Skill Distribution Chart – June 2010

Here is the chart for June.  One can see that clearly I’ve spent a bit of time this last month on gunnery.  On the list in EveHQ for the next month is a bit more gunnery and some ship-command, too.

Skill Distribution Chart – May 2010

I think, starting somewhere near the beginning of each month, I am going to post the evehq skill breakout pie chart for Gilbert.  Here goes.