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Just a few rambles…

I need to update this blog more often; I enjoy it and sometimes I forget to. Or, only update during the “business day” on breaks from my usual day-to-day job of programming. It helps that I type really fast. Anyway, on the docket this week is some (gasp) agent mission running for loyalty and to finally be able to run L4 missions. I want to get into scamming some people out of incursion loot again. I miss the days when SN would swarm an incursion and setup an orca to hold the loot somewhere close but at a range where warp-to works best.

I have a great EON Magazine update, for issue #027 and a new image for it to put up, too. But that will have to wait for when I am at home.

Does anyone have any experience running EVE on a system that has a whole-drive-encryption package running on it? Bitlocker or Truecrypt? I am curious. I think I’m going to take one of my machines and fuck with it a bit. Well, hell, while talking about it, if anyone knows a good, consistent, and reliable way to block skype on my network… I would be very thankful. That fucking app is like a goddamn virus and I hate it.

Know what would have been nice with the “new website”, CCP?

A mobile friendly version of EVE Gate. http://gate.eveonline.com while on my iPhone can be viewed, but application of a different CSS sheet isn’t too bad. I know, it’s so 2005 to apply different logic to a site based upon screen size, but hey, who am I? I’m just a developer. Nothing much.

On the subject of “oops”

So, in the time I have allotted to play lately, between the single dad thing, work, fire department stuff, and life – I’ve really come to enjoy the random “roam until you die” aspect of the game. Firstly, the latest updates, of which I am long behind on “reporting about” are beautiful. I absolutely love the way things look; however, I have yet to see the new neocom update. My kids have sucked me into running a minecraft server at home, so I’m doing a little bit of that, to. It’s nice having a machine that will play both games at the same time, honestly.

I suspect tonight, I am going to fit up four or five rifters or a T2 variant, and get out there until I die. I may fit something to scan+hunt with, but I’m not sure yet what a good machine for that would be.

Oh. Crap. I really should look at my infiltration alt and make sure he still has access to the corp hangar…

Logged back in…

Ok, I admit – I logged back in with EVE on one screen, while on the other, I was playing Skyrim.

The UI changes for the latest update are … ok. Lets call it 6/10. I still need to determine if I like them or not. My infiltration alt is still in his corp. This is good. The longer an infiltration alt has in his “last” corp, the better. In my opinion; because the next place I interview for will see and believe my story about just wanting to gtfo, etc.

On the IRL front, life has been busy. Especially with the holidays and kids adjusting to the recent changes in their world, etc. But we are making things happen as best we can.

Oh, and SN is at war. This is good, too. :)

The problems with being a geek:

I flew my whole shebang over to the Metropolis region to toy with some different systems, ships, players. The jump was a good 20 or so, maybe a little less, from where I had started, in Sinq. I was half autopiloting it; watching my screen, but at the same time playing with my new toy. The DSO Quad 4.

Sure, my arduino does PWM just fine, what not, and all that … but I started toying with some old Kronos timeclocks I have, and now I’m deep into the HID proximity card reader and how the badges are formatted for my employer.

Sigh. :P

I don’t make many RL posts here, but…

Real life has been hectic lately. While I was able to log in tonight and “forget” about things for a few minutes, if just to move planet goo around, I still haven’t really settled my mind down.

Things will improve on the real life side, and maybe I’ll blog about it a little bit, but detail wise – with HIPAA and what not – I can’t really speak of it. Regardless – if you’re the praying type, my family could use some. Thank you.

Just so Roc doesn’t have to worry, no, I don’t have AIDS. You’re safe.

A Gifted Cynabal

I was recently asked if I would like to tinker with a Cynabal with what little PVP skills I have. Naturally, I was very thankful for the opportunity. So, I’ve got one a few jumps away, though we are currently at war.

I may fly out there and grab it anyway, just to have it nearby. Probably a stupid mistake, so we’ll see what happens. Though, this corp we are at war against is very small anyway.

The Blog Pack has been updated recently, too. Always good to see someone taking care of things like that. I would also like to express my thanks, for being included in the pack listing, too!

There was recently a death in my family (IRL, heh) and so this weekend either has potential for no eve time or some eve time. Things just work out that way, sometimes. You know what I mean, I am sure.

Tonight, I think I’m going to hang out around my usual stomping grounds, work my way slowly toward the Cyn, and see what I come up with.