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Good old can-flipping and Crime Watch 2.0

First off, I have to say the great Aiden has a fantastic post about his opinion of CW2. Go read it. Then come back here and realize I add *nothing* to the conversation, as is usual.

You see, I think these are good changes. Or, from what I have managed to read while sitting here on my “lunch break” at work… (Which blocks most EVE related sites.)

I look forward to the chance of getting shot at by more people for “simply” stealing from a can. Hoping the criminal flags spread, like a sexually transmitted disease of “let me help you with that” and “can you RR me?” If I read things right, based on a copy-paste into reddit, CONCORD will not be responding to low-sec for illegal PVP, either. (EDIT: Apparently I read the post paste with the retarded side of my brain, read “lowsec” and thought “0.5”…*smack*)

Which is great for suicides, too…

What are your thoughts?


So, after a bit of a break again – well, really, who cares. I’m not here to impress you, but do my best with when I can play. I’ve been enjoying life in null with an alt for a little while – however I ended up out of the corp I had started to infiltrate; I couldn’t engineer my way in without a full API key. I’m going to try again soon. In fact, if you have any thoughts on a corp you would like to see infiltrated, feel free to let me know. You could end up with some of the stolen ISK, if any within a reasonable amount of time.

Tonight, I spent some time around Aunia, however nobody was really “up” for any general fuckery. Which is a PITA since I was eager to get back into the swing of things. That’s fine. My market orders made a bit of cash the last weekend/few days, and I’m off to a new area/system with the Orca after a few more scans.

Ok, so… I got sidetracked.

Chatted with a scammer about how often they get hits on the whole “WTS” contract scam without the actual ship in it. (The one where the ship looks like it’s got a full fitting, but there isn’t an actual _ship_ in the listing…)

I’m going to try that one out a bit, too, I think. The Orca is stuffed and ready to head out but I’m going to nap a bit and pop on later.

Galaxy Empire (ios)

A new source of tears for those times I’ve checked my various EVE feeds, API updates, etc and I am still on the toilet… has been the interesting game, “Galaxy Empire”. I am not sure about android, but it is on the ios devices. Typical “colonize and build” internet spaceship games. But of them all I enjoy this one’s UI the best. It’s not just a rendered webpage. Though the planets all have the same building layouts and that gets kind of boring, the community is pretty active.

Active in the usual “russian, asian, and american” ways. Meaning, depending on the time of day, you will have different people doing different things.

I’ve joined an alliance and have begun extracting tears. It has proven fun, too. Especially via the ingame mail systems, etc.

Thought about creating a Suddenly Ninjas or TEARS alliance there, but I haven’t found many other assholes in game yet.

I’m based out of the aptly named planet “Dodixie” on [3:19:2].

A new EON and DUST (or: the reason I bought a PS3?)

Likely, not the reason. However, I did get a PS3 recently and will be happy when this game is released. I’m hoping go-live won’t be a big hurdle. Here is a spot from our favorite magazine about the next issue, containing some DUST information.

EON Magazine #027

In Dust 514 We Trust Chemical Brothers-inspired headlines abound as we at last get some shoot-in-face time with CCP’s first console game, DUST 514. With 12 pages devoted to the PS3 shooter, we first follow the adventures of Team Haggis, winner of the inaugural Dust tournament, before procrastinating over the game’s lengthy feature list and the implications the release will have for EVE Online, New Eden and the wider universe of games. The parallel journey into a familiar world starts here! Assault Ship Testflight Having repackaged the Tier-3 battlecruisers, EON’s chief test pilot Kirith Kodachi fits and flies out another batch of Crucible vessels – EVE’s venerable assault ships. Between them these heavy-hitting frigates have received, thanks to January’s 1.1 release, the most eagerly-approved upgrades since the word ‘iteration’ was invented. All eight ships are given the full Testflight treatment in one of the biggest round-ups in EON history. CSM6 In Review Seleene, the latest to head the Council of Stellar Management, looks back over the events of the last 12 months from the above-and-behind view reserved for the privileged members of EVE’s player-elected council. He takes us through the record-breaking vote a year ago, into meetings with CCP, past the so-called Summer of Rage and occupation of Jita and through the redemptive expansion known as Crucible. It’s been quite a journey. Understanding Time Dilation Just as there’s more to time travel than a DeLorean and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity, Time Dilation is more than just a slo-mo switch the developers casually throw when the hamsters get tired. To understand TiDi we must understand the nature of lag itself, which is actually best illustrated by visiting the bar and getting some beers in. Plus
• The Eve News 24 Story
• The Ammatar Mandate
• CCP Diagoras & Flying Scotsman
• Machariel worship
• The Fall & Rise of Ushra’Khan
• Profiled: Odyssey Inc, DUST Uni and Lollipops for Rancors
• Making the most of exploration
• Postcards from the Edge
• Teh Lighter Side of EVE

Blog Banter: The Capsuleer Experience

Blog Banter 33: The Capsuleer Experience

Like mana from Valhalla (yes I know I'm mixing my religious metaphors), the latest Dev Blog by CCP Legion asks questions which make for perfect Blog Bantering. To quote him "...we want to make the first days, weeks and months in EVE enjoyable and not just something ‘you have to plough through in order to get to the good stuff’" and the newly formed Player Experience team will focus on "...where and why people lose interest in EVE...".

"We invite you to pour your heart (or guts) out and tell us what you think is good or bad with the current new player experience and what you think could be done about the problems."

So let's get self-eviscerating. Banter on.


Mat "Freebooted" Westhorpe

I have to say – when I first read this banter, I thought, “Capsuleer? God, I fucking miss that app.” Sure, we are talking about the newbie experience here, but does anyone else miss that thing? Anyway.

The new player experience is certainly something that needs to be improved. Many games have tried this; EQ2 with the “island” you get stuck on for a while and other games with friendly “zones”, etc. World of Warcraft does this by having mountains surrounding everything; essentially the same. Eve does not need that type of new player experience. I think what Eve needs is a more interactive “community” in the first space station you are spawned to.

What I mean by this is that getting a bunch of tutorial windows popping up is sometimes confusing. A story-line would be helpful, as to why you are here, where you came from, etc. An understanding that you are on your own is nice, too. How about the freedom to, within the first month, recycle all of your skill points?

Knowing full well that it is “dangerous out there” is one thing. It is another to be mining for the first time, like an idiot, in your first Iteron and a jetcan or three. How can we fix that? I don’t know. Is it broken? Part of me doesn’t think so. When I started playing, I didn’t jetcan because I paid attention to the game. Maybe that’s really it: Eve is hard to pay attention to when you are new.

Other Banters:

So, on this whole CCP “thing” lately

I guess I could call this a contribution into the latest Blog Banter 28 [sort of], as run now by Seismic Stan. So I’ll put the preamble here.

In recent months, the relationship between CCP and it’s customers has been the subject of some controversy. The player-elected Council of Stellar Management has played a key role in these events, but not for the first time they are finding CCP difficult to deal with. What effect will CCP’s recent strategies have on the future of EVE Online and it’s player-base? What part can and should the CSM play in shaping that future? How best can EVE Online’s continued health and growth be assured?

One might notice, the Ninjas have been quite quiet. Which is to say, at least I haven’t blogged or posted on the forums regarding the recent issues within the game. A link to a well written copy of Mittani’s writeup is here, on Helicity’s site. You should read it. (And the rest of that site. Good stuff, it is.)

Last night, I logged in, lost my Jag, and then continued to tinker around and play the game I love. This is a pretty normal day for me, though I don’t particularly like losing ships, I can replace it. That’s rule #0, in my book.

Every now and again, I look at my wallet and see I still have 1,000 of those nifty “buy a shirt” credits. I could care less about that part of the game, unless I can figure out a way to scam people out of theirs or make a large profit on it. That’s what I, and really, SN, does. And we do it very well.

Walking in stations? Whatever. I mean, cool, sure. I have a PC that will certainly “last” quite a while and through a bunch of upgrades. That’s not why I bought it, but hey, whatever.

Fucking with the market with those noble exchange points? If more people RMT into the game and purchase those points, get the items to the market, and let me scam them from them, I’m happy with it. Knowing someone took *real* money, spent it on a virtual hat of shit, and then I took that from them or destroyed it somehow? That’s just icing on the cake.

CCP decided to bring those CSM members to Iceland a while back and I’m glad to see that line of communication between them. I work in a large corporate environment, as a computer programmer/analyst. I know that “communication” really never means actual communication. It’s all just shit. Call it “TQM“, “CQI“, “ITIL“, “CSM” – it’s all the same crap, wrapped a different way by people who need to invent things to make themselves feel like they’ve accomplished something, instead of getting actual work done.

But, maybe I’m too jaded about corporate life already and just don’t care about that kind of drama in my games. I can play the sociopath card plenty of ways here at work, get what I want, and come out looking awesome for it; while wearing a sexy suit and pretending I’m buff like Roc. That party is easy. When I get home to play EVE, Minecraft, or anything else – I just don’t care about that drama and nerfs and things like that. It’s a passion of mine, EVE, sure. But I don’t believe anything unless I see it in game, or see it in good morale from the community.

The morale still stinks, to this day, in the EVE community.

In the end, I intend to profit ISK from it.