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Not that into PI

But I have to say, Letrange’s postings about some issues with planetary interaction are a great read.  I’ve been following the “bug” vetting process, and have enjoyed the reads to date.  If you haven’t seen them, I’d go check them out.

The things we do for you…

Aiden Mourn has said it best, but again I’d like to “repost” or “repress” the fact that what we here at SN do for you, the customer, is always for your benefit.


This is why I enjoy EVE so much.  Great job SN guys and “SecretBear”!

Slow week

Probably going to be a slow week.  A) My porch is being repaired and the work is being done by yours truly.  Post hole digging is fun, but it’s work.  B) Corp is at war.  I usually bang out to an unknown area during such times.  Not “there” yet, war pvp wise. C) My xbox was returned from it’s trip to get the red ring of death repaired… ;)

Small bit of tears..

I started by stealing a data core from a mission runner, Gekoon. He responded by swearing, using nasty language and stepped it up when I told him his price for ransom was 350k.   Some local pilots got involved, and in the middle, I get an email:

where r u bitch?
From: Gekoon
Sent: 2010.07.25 23:12
To: Gilbert Hamilton,

I reply with:

Re: where r u bitch?
From: Gilbert Hamilton
Sent: 2010.07.25 23:13
To: Gekoon,

I returne,d, you were gone. I kept Data Core and now you can purchase it from the market for 2.5Million, buyout.

Next time, follow direction. Have fun with your mission agent.



This turned into a long conversation.  He actually wasted enough time so that I could go get a Catalyst fitting for suicide.  I chose not to, instead hoping he’d take the item from a jetcan instead.

[23:23:57] Gilbert Hamilton > transfer 1,500,000 to my account.
[23:24:05] Gilbert Hamilton > (right click name, then send money.  watch your zeros)
[23:24:06] Gekoon > u r dead bored of this game huh?
[23:24:22] Gekoon > no man
[23:24:34] Gekoon > give me the itam
[23:24:40] Gekoon > and i ll give u 400k
[23:24:54] Gekoon > thats the deal
[23:24:57] Gilbert Hamilton > No, my price was 350k, then you swore at me, and then it went into auction.  for 2 Mil.
[23:25:04] Gekoon > right
[23:25:05] Gilbert Hamilton > If I take it off auction, I lose 100k.  And you’re still a jerk.
[23:25:13] Gekoon > and u got offended/.
[23:25:14] Gilbert Hamilton > So no, your price is 1.5 Mil, ilke your helper told you it would be.
[23:25:24] Gekoon > i thought you liked being called a bitch
[23:25:33] Gekoon > otherwise why would you do something like that?
[23:25:34] Gilbert Hamilton > Not particularly, no.
[23:25:46] Gekoon > listen man
[23:25:49] Gekoon > itts late
[23:25:51] Gekoon > and i m tired
[23:25:55] Gilbert Hamilton > this is my job.  so now that we have that understood – if you transfer half the money, I’ll meet you at the station with the item.
[23:26:07] Gekoon > you give me the core
[23:26:11] Gekoon > i ll give you 400k
[23:26:16] Gilbert Hamilton > right then after you transfer 750k.
[23:26:24] Gilbert Hamilton > final offer.
[23:26:28] Gilbert Hamilton > it’s late, and I’m tired.
[23:28:59] Gilbert Hamilton > Weren’t you given the cash anyway?
[23:29:28] Gekoon > when u give me the core
[23:29:36] Gekoon > u r gonna see some money
[23:29:52] Gilbert Hamilton > Ok, then I will make a contract *just* for you. (A private one) for the core.
[23:30:02] Gilbert Hamilton > The price then goes back up to the 1.5Mil I promissed Grogath I would sell to you.
[23:30:10] Gilbert Hamilton > Plus fees for terminating the contract.
[23:30:13] Gilbert Hamilton > ~100k.
[23:30:15] Gilbert Hamilton > nothing much.
[23:30:20] Gilbert Hamilton > it’ll be about four minutes.
[23:34:01] Gilbert Hamilton > are you there?
[23:34:36] Gekoon > yes
[23:35:34] Gilbert Hamilton > ok making sure.
[23:35:46] Gekoon > thoughtful
[23:38:29] Gilbert Hamilton > where are we going to meet?
[23:38:57] Gekoon > u leave the item back where u found it
[23:39:11] Gekoon > and u take some cash
[23:39:21] Gilbert Hamilton > ok.
[23:45:24] Gilbert Hamilton > brb with item.
[23:45:26] Gilbert Hamilton > youw ant item first, right?
[23:46:16] Gekoon > yes
[23:46:21] Gekoon > in the ship
[23:46:29] Gekoon > not in a cargo
[23:47:29] Gilbert Hamilton > I can’t put it “into your ship”  you have to take from cargohold.
[23:47:44] Gilbert Hamilton > (the ships don’t work like that.)
[23:47:57] Gekoon > not in my ship
[23:48:10] Gekoon > in the wreck u took it from
[23:48:19] Gilbert Hamilton > I can’t, it’s not “mine” to put back into.
[23:48:22] Gilbert Hamilton > so I’ll use the can, don’t worry.
[23:48:34] Gilbert Hamilton > anyway, here I am.  if you’d be kind to transfer some money now.
[23:50:19] Gekoon > no way my friend
[23:50:30] Gekoon > item first
[23:50:32] Gilbert Hamilton > guess I’ll hvae to put it into the can then huh?
[23:50:44] Gekoon > what can?
[23:51:09] Gilbert Hamilton > oh no look at that I forgot it.  be right back.
[23:53:01] Gilbert Hamilton > omw
[23:55:18] Gekoon > gilly
[23:55:24] Gilbert Hamilton > here
[23:55:56] Gekoon > shall we go somewhere quieter?
[23:56:01] Gilbert Hamilton > its in
[23:56:05] Gekoon > in a station lets say
[23:56:43] Gilbert Hamilton > send cash
[23:56:44] Gilbert Hamilton > and take
[23:56:52] Gekoon > listen man
[23:56:55] Gilbert Hamilton > what.
[23:56:57] Gekoon > i m new
[23:57:00] Gekoon > but not stupid
[23:57:02] Gilbert Hamilton > doesn’t sound like it.
[23:57:05] Gilbert Hamilton > are you sure?
[23:57:12] Gilbert Hamilton > your price was 1.5 Mil.
[23:57:25] Gilbert Hamilton > I was nice, and said 300k.
[23:57:28] Gilbert Hamilton > you were an ass.
[23:57:31] Gekoon > i m getting tired of this
[23:57:32] Gilbert Hamilton > if you are new, learn your lesson. ;)
[23:57:39] Gekoon > i ll reject the mission
[23:57:48] Gilbert Hamilton > losing points, hard to get back.
[23:57:59] Gekoon > yeah right
[23:57:59] Gilbert Hamilton > guess we are done here then.
[23:58:01] Gilbert Hamilton > later.
[23:58:26] Gilbert Hamilton > transfer the money and you go home.
[23:58:52] Gekoon > you take the money and you keep the core
[23:59:06] Gekoon > hows that a good deal?
[23:59:16] Gilbert Hamilton > I have yet to see money, but hey, whatever.
[23:59:17] Gilbert Hamilton > later.

Toward the end, I decided to go play Modern Warfare 2, so I put the item back up on contract.

A few minutes later, he returned in polite conversation asking again to send the money.  He stated he was a trial account.

Well, that’s too bad for him.  I told him to use a friend or be less of an asshole next time.


As someone “new” to this…

That is, new to EVE and certainly new to the community of bloggers in general, I am finding the conversation over at CrazyKinux’s place very refreshing.  For one, I tend to “diary” (thus the title) about my attempts at moving on up in this game.  Maybe some day I will offer a prize of cool lewtz or something, for a contest here or there, but I doubt it. (More than likely, it’ll involve some form of gambling.  Another hobby of mine. Shh.)

CrazyKinux’s blog has been a great resource for finding other blogs out there in the community.  It comes up nearly always first in the Google results, and the blogs listed are all great places to go and get someeve reading” done while on a break at work or something.  For that, I do have to say thank you to Crazy Kinux and the rest of the blogs listed.

The recent drama about his relationship with CCP (there or not, public or not) doesn’t bother me in the least.  Frankly he could be a total fabrication or an employee or, what he really is: a fan.  The content matters to me.  I enjoy it.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t read.

I’m glad the conversation has shown that bloggers (nay, players) of EVE tend to be more “adult” in conversation.  This is a huge reason why I still play EVE and have not gone back to WoW or even Nethack. (the players in Nethack are a bit dry… ;) ) It is a selling point when I speak to my friends who are looking for a game to play that doesn’t take all the time in the world, doesn’t rely on camped loot and epic gear, and doesn’t seem to be filled with children swearing for the first time.

In short – drama aside, I’d like to send a “thanks” out to all the bloggers and sites that make up the EVE community on the whole!

You play too much EVE, if:

Number 51 pretty much sums it up for me!