Small bit of tears..

I started by stealing a data core from a mission runner, Gekoon. He responded by swearing, using nasty language and stepped it up when I told him his price for ransom was 350k.   Some local pilots got involved, and in the middle, I get an email:

where r u bitch?
From: Gekoon
Sent: 2010.07.25 23:12
To: Gilbert Hamilton,

I reply with:

Re: where r u bitch?
From: Gilbert Hamilton
Sent: 2010.07.25 23:13
To: Gekoon,

I returne,d, you were gone. I kept Data Core and now you can purchase it from the market for 2.5Million, buyout.

Next time, follow direction. Have fun with your mission agent.



This turned into a long conversation.  He actually wasted enough time so that I could go get a Catalyst fitting for suicide.  I chose not to, instead hoping he’d take the item from a jetcan instead.

[23:23:57] Gilbert Hamilton > transfer 1,500,000 to my account.
[23:24:05] Gilbert Hamilton > (right click name, then send money.  watch your zeros)
[23:24:06] Gekoon > u r dead bored of this game huh?
[23:24:22] Gekoon > no man
[23:24:34] Gekoon > give me the itam
[23:24:40] Gekoon > and i ll give u 400k
[23:24:54] Gekoon > thats the deal
[23:24:57] Gilbert Hamilton > No, my price was 350k, then you swore at me, and then it went into auction.  for 2 Mil.
[23:25:04] Gekoon > right
[23:25:05] Gilbert Hamilton > If I take it off auction, I lose 100k.  And you’re still a jerk.
[23:25:13] Gekoon > and u got offended/.
[23:25:14] Gilbert Hamilton > So no, your price is 1.5 Mil, ilke your helper told you it would be.
[23:25:24] Gekoon > i thought you liked being called a bitch
[23:25:33] Gekoon > otherwise why would you do something like that?
[23:25:34] Gilbert Hamilton > Not particularly, no.
[23:25:46] Gekoon > listen man
[23:25:49] Gekoon > itts late
[23:25:51] Gekoon > and i m tired
[23:25:55] Gilbert Hamilton > this is my job.  so now that we have that understood – if you transfer half the money, I’ll meet you at the station with the item.
[23:26:07] Gekoon > you give me the core
[23:26:11] Gekoon > i ll give you 400k
[23:26:16] Gilbert Hamilton > right then after you transfer 750k.
[23:26:24] Gilbert Hamilton > final offer.
[23:26:28] Gilbert Hamilton > it’s late, and I’m tired.
[23:28:59] Gilbert Hamilton > Weren’t you given the cash anyway?
[23:29:28] Gekoon > when u give me the core
[23:29:36] Gekoon > u r gonna see some money
[23:29:52] Gilbert Hamilton > Ok, then I will make a contract *just* for you. (A private one) for the core.
[23:30:02] Gilbert Hamilton > The price then goes back up to the 1.5Mil I promissed Grogath I would sell to you.
[23:30:10] Gilbert Hamilton > Plus fees for terminating the contract.
[23:30:13] Gilbert Hamilton > ~100k.
[23:30:15] Gilbert Hamilton > nothing much.
[23:30:20] Gilbert Hamilton > it’ll be about four minutes.
[23:34:01] Gilbert Hamilton > are you there?
[23:34:36] Gekoon > yes
[23:35:34] Gilbert Hamilton > ok making sure.
[23:35:46] Gekoon > thoughtful
[23:38:29] Gilbert Hamilton > where are we going to meet?
[23:38:57] Gekoon > u leave the item back where u found it
[23:39:11] Gekoon > and u take some cash
[23:39:21] Gilbert Hamilton > ok.
[23:45:24] Gilbert Hamilton > brb with item.
[23:45:26] Gilbert Hamilton > youw ant item first, right?
[23:46:16] Gekoon > yes
[23:46:21] Gekoon > in the ship
[23:46:29] Gekoon > not in a cargo
[23:47:29] Gilbert Hamilton > I can’t put it “into your ship”  you have to take from cargohold.
[23:47:44] Gilbert Hamilton > (the ships don’t work like that.)
[23:47:57] Gekoon > not in my ship
[23:48:10] Gekoon > in the wreck u took it from
[23:48:19] Gilbert Hamilton > I can’t, it’s not “mine” to put back into.
[23:48:22] Gilbert Hamilton > so I’ll use the can, don’t worry.
[23:48:34] Gilbert Hamilton > anyway, here I am.  if you’d be kind to transfer some money now.
[23:50:19] Gekoon > no way my friend
[23:50:30] Gekoon > item first
[23:50:32] Gilbert Hamilton > guess I’ll hvae to put it into the can then huh?
[23:50:44] Gekoon > what can?
[23:51:09] Gilbert Hamilton > oh no look at that I forgot it.  be right back.
[23:53:01] Gilbert Hamilton > omw
[23:55:18] Gekoon > gilly
[23:55:24] Gilbert Hamilton > here
[23:55:56] Gekoon > shall we go somewhere quieter?
[23:56:01] Gilbert Hamilton > its in
[23:56:05] Gekoon > in a station lets say
[23:56:43] Gilbert Hamilton > send cash
[23:56:44] Gilbert Hamilton > and take
[23:56:52] Gekoon > listen man
[23:56:55] Gilbert Hamilton > what.
[23:56:57] Gekoon > i m new
[23:57:00] Gekoon > but not stupid
[23:57:02] Gilbert Hamilton > doesn’t sound like it.
[23:57:05] Gilbert Hamilton > are you sure?
[23:57:12] Gilbert Hamilton > your price was 1.5 Mil.
[23:57:25] Gilbert Hamilton > I was nice, and said 300k.
[23:57:28] Gilbert Hamilton > you were an ass.
[23:57:31] Gekoon > i m getting tired of this
[23:57:32] Gilbert Hamilton > if you are new, learn your lesson. ;)
[23:57:39] Gekoon > i ll reject the mission
[23:57:48] Gilbert Hamilton > losing points, hard to get back.
[23:57:59] Gekoon > yeah right
[23:57:59] Gilbert Hamilton > guess we are done here then.
[23:58:01] Gilbert Hamilton > later.
[23:58:26] Gilbert Hamilton > transfer the money and you go home.
[23:58:52] Gekoon > you take the money and you keep the core
[23:59:06] Gekoon > hows that a good deal?
[23:59:16] Gilbert Hamilton > I have yet to see money, but hey, whatever.
[23:59:17] Gilbert Hamilton > later.

Toward the end, I decided to go play Modern Warfare 2, so I put the item back up on contract.

A few minutes later, he returned in polite conversation asking again to send the money.  He stated he was a trial account.

Well, that’s too bad for him.  I told him to use a friend or be less of an asshole next time.



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