Proof we’re not all assholes

I managed to gather two quick scan bookmarks in Harerget tonight – and the first one was a lowly Vexor that I fully expected to shoot back when I started stealing things.  He warped off, however.  His character was created in 2007, so I knew something was up.  I stole his mission objective, contracted it to the public for 2.5Mil and then went back to salvage.

A few minutes later I started up a conversation with him and it turns out, he was an old character but away for a while and renewed his account recently.  He was glad to chat about the “sandbox” aspects of EVE and all of that; I believed him when he said he didn’t have the 2.5Mil. (My last Dr. Castille’s core sold for 2.5, too.  They go.)

So I deleted it and contracted it back to him for 500k.  He made mention of taking up my dirty slummy career path soon, so I told him to look up Suddenly Ninjas when the time came.

The second bookmark was a quiet one.  The Catalyst was kiting rats when I started stealing and I went that way to help him a bit.  He shot back at me anyway, so I warped off, planning to return with my Brutix.  I did, but when I undocked, I saw him there at the station.  So, I started burning toward him and realized I forgot drones.  Oh well.  Naturally, he shot back and couldn’t dock.  So eventually I made it to him and blew him up. Lesson learned, always remember a drone or two.  Always bet on stupid.

I think, this weekend, I want to take the Brutix out and enjoy some more challenging battles.  Probably not around the Dodixie area, as everyone there seems to be in things much bigger than me.  Though I could take the Rifter out there and see if I can get a few missiles off before I get blewed up.  Maybe I’ll can flip with something cheap to return with the Brutix.


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