As someone “new” to this…

That is, new to EVE and certainly new to the community of bloggers in general, I am finding the conversation over at CrazyKinux’s place very refreshing.  For one, I tend to “diary” (thus the title) about my attempts at moving on up in this game.  Maybe some day I will offer a prize of cool lewtz or something, for a contest here or there, but I doubt it. (More than likely, it’ll involve some form of gambling.  Another hobby of mine. Shh.)

CrazyKinux’s blog has been a great resource for finding other blogs out there in the community.  It comes up nearly always first in the Google results, and the blogs listed are all great places to go and get someeve reading” done while on a break at work or something.  For that, I do have to say thank you to Crazy Kinux and the rest of the blogs listed.

The recent drama about his relationship with CCP (there or not, public or not) doesn’t bother me in the least.  Frankly he could be a total fabrication or an employee or, what he really is: a fan.  The content matters to me.  I enjoy it.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t read.

I’m glad the conversation has shown that bloggers (nay, players) of EVE tend to be more “adult” in conversation.  This is a huge reason why I still play EVE and have not gone back to WoW or even Nethack. (the players in Nethack are a bit dry… ;) ) It is a selling point when I speak to my friends who are looking for a game to play that doesn’t take all the time in the world, doesn’t rely on camped loot and epic gear, and doesn’t seem to be filled with children swearing for the first time.

In short – drama aside, I’d like to send a “thanks” out to all the bloggers and sites that make up the EVE community on the whole!


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