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Feels empty sometimes…

Low-sec, that is. Before I decided to tinker around with some mission runners and do that old “goto” tactic of the ninja, I ran through the Marele/Spaen constellations in my Stabber. Looking for trouble. I had a couple of people following me from some random corp, but nothing that I as really worried about. I did know enough not to fuck with a corp while I’m out on a solo roam.

Then again, a few moments after starting this post while popping back into EVE to click “warp to zero” – I found two members of a corp called “Peanut Butter Jelly Time [PBJT]”. One in a Tormenter and the other in a Badger. It turned out, I did not manage to catch them for more than a few seconds, but I did get some experience in the art of direction scanning, etc. I met up with them in Groothese and as I started to burn toward the little mining operation they had setup, they warped off. No big deal. I’m on the way back to Dodixie to prep the Orca and head out somewhere to pick on mission runners and snag some loot for the market.


Logged back in…

Ok, I admit – I logged back in with EVE on one screen, while on the other, I was playing Skyrim.

The UI changes for the latest update are … ok. Lets call it 6/10. I still need to determine if I like them or not. My infiltration alt is still in his corp. This is good. The longer an infiltration alt has in his “last” corp, the better. In my opinion; because the next place I interview for will see and believe my story about just wanting to gtfo, etc.

On the IRL front, life has been busy. Especially with the holidays and kids adjusting to the recent changes in their world, etc. But we are making things happen as best we can.

Oh, and SN is at war. This is good, too. :)

Long weekend, good times.

For once we seemed to have a relaxing weekend. People came to visit, and we just seemed to relax as a family. My time in EVE was fun, too. Having ventured into Minmatar space, I was hanging out around Hek and the nearby systems. Managed to run a few missions, get some standing increases and hopefully I will gain a better understanding of resists by race, things like that. I’ve not run many missions, having gone from tutorial to pissing people off.

I need to stop selling some of the tags I steal from people and save them for when I come across a mission which requires one. Or save two or three of them, since they get destroyed upon use.

Did manage to piss off EVE Uni, however. Taught a few people a lesson about jet-cans, missions, and ninjas. I popped out of the station and found 15-20 Uni folks there, waiting for me. Oh noes, my vigil. What ever shall I do?

Ninja tears are always fake. We don’t cry, it’s physically impossible. It’s true. Look it up.

My alt is still in his corp; the one he stole from a while back. This is a good thing. I’m currently looking for my next corporation for him. The long pad of being in this corp will help the next corp believe that I’ve simply been bored as hell in this one, and they can sell to me how awesome and “the shit” their corp is.

Ahh, a new “home”

I had decided last night to move toward an area I had never been before, in an attempt to find less ninja-aware mission runners, etc. So, after I arrived in this system, I began scanning.

There were a few runners, and my 8 probe method seems to work very well at pinning them down. Especially with the advent of “alt+drag moves them all properly” and the scaling methods.

Then my dog decided to chase a fucking skunk and I had to break to fix that. I think, today, I still stink. Oh well.

Anyway – I stole a bunch of loot, but no shooters, at least not in this system. While tooling around, I discovered a jetcan between a Hulk and an Iteron. It was obvious that this was a main/alt combination.

Naturally, I stole from the can and opened a conversation with the player. The can was named “Don’t do that again.” The conversation was short, and so he sent me an email. I followed up with an offering for the wonderful services Suddenly Ninjas brings to other regions across New Eden.

Below is my conversation with him and the small “token” amount sent of only 150,000 ISK was simply because I didn’t feel like putting any work into getting 15 million, etc. My intent was to offer him employment into Suddenly Ninjas – with the usual membership application fees, of course. (Which, for anyone reading is 25 million. Payable to any member of SN.)

Keep in mind, my spam surcharge is set to a value different than the default value – so I’m fleecing him for a little more with each email I can keep him sending back to me. His was still set to the default. It’s a little annoyance I like to keep in there sometimes. The thread is proper if you read from top-down, I’ve reversed it from the usual way it appears.

hi again
From: Vladimir Mayakovsky
Sent: 2011.09.01 02:54
To: Gilbert Hamilton,

You’re very polite for someone looting cans. Are you a scammer? A
pirate? Or just going around making friends? I don’t know eve too well
to guess :D

Re: hi again
From: Gilbert Hamilton
Sent: 2011.09.01 02:58
To: Vladimir Mayakovsky,

No worries. I provide a service, along with the rest of my
corporation. Some consider it “protection”, others really can’t label
it. Such that what we provide is simply a license to operate via those
plain cargo containers (jet cans) and assurance that you are free to
operate as many as you desire, via your hulk, while mining a belt. No
theft will occur, from my corporation or any other in the system as
well. The proof in this is the killboard statistics we offer as backup
and show of our “muscle”.

So, any time you wish to purchase a license – send me a notice and the
sum of 150,000 ISK for the day, or 15,000,000 for a quarter (4 months)
and I will be happy to provide you with receipt.

Good luck to you in your operation!


Re: Re: hi again
From: Vladimir Mayakovsky
Sent: 2011.09.01 03:06
To: Gilbert Hamilton,

Very cool! So you guys are basically like an Eve mafia? That’s pretty
creative. How many customers do you have?

Re: Re: Re: hi again
From: Gilbert Hamilton
Sent: 2011.09.01 03:07
To: Vladimir Mayakovsky,

Active at a given time – a few dozen to about a hundred.


Re: Re: Re: Re: hi again
From: Vladimir Mayakovsky
To: Gilbert Hamilton

How do I pay you? I think it’s silly, but I’ll pay for today just
because it makes me smile.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: hi again
From: Gilbert Hamilton
To: Vladimir Mayakovsky
Wonderful news! You can pay me via right clicking on my name and
clicking on “give money”. Your price today is that same 150,000 ISK. I
do believe we offer monthly contracts, but I’ll have to check with my
supervisor. Please reference client id: 4435.

Thank you!


Jettisoned Mining Contract (4435.1)
From: Gilbert Hamilton
To: Vladimir Mayakovsky
Vladimir Mayakovsky,

I am please to inform you that your purchase of 1 day (24 hours) of
mining contract protection has been approved. Welcome to the club, and
as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me or my
supervisor: Zavulon Sukkot

Your contract information follows:

Date of issue: 9/1
Expiry date: 9/2
Issuer: Gilbert Hamilton
Account: 4435
Contract: 1


-Gilbert Hamilton

Vacation and Planning

I am headed to Canada for a week, with the family. No EVE during that time, but that is one of the things I love about this game. My character will progress while offline.

However, I am thinking that if I get time between arriving back from Canada and leaving again for another week away at football camp for my sons, I may try fitting up another ship for chasing people around lowsec. Read: practice losing ships. ;)

My current thoughts were:

Pros: Warps cloaked. Torpedoes. 1 projectile weapon. Long range targeting and I’ve got experience killing off drones with it. Small sig radius.
Cons: Torpedoes. Has warp disr, no web. No drones. No probes.

Pros: More guns, probe launcher, more skin, drones.
Cons: “Ehh” align time. Slower boat. No cloaky warp.

Pros: I like that ship. It’s pointy. :P
Cons: Not sure yet.

Just a few ideas for myself to think about over the next week or two.

Oh! before I forget – I received a nice in game mail from a fan/reader of the blog. It’s always nice to know they are out there! :)

A little venture into low-sec

I purchased a Dramiel last night, just on a whim. Yes, I read a recent post by a well known blog and thought – “hey, it’s just money. I’ll try it.”

I knew of a great spot, too. A short string of two low-sec systems, bordered by each other and surrounded by high-sec that was close to Dodixie. I also happen to have some planets in that system, mining various bits of crap for me. When I remember to reset the crap. Those union workers down there must be bored. Anyway.

So I fit it up with some nice stuff I had stolen over the months, and decided to head toward those systems. It’s a good looking ship, if a bit bendy for my tastes.

It’s fast as hell, too!

So I started at system 1 and just tooled around a bit, practicing with the scanner. The two others in the system were probably in the station, and at one POS there was a Badger MKII hanging out. With no probes, I didn’t really care to find it. This ship couldn’t probe, since I fit its 3 high slots with two turrets and 1 rocket launcher.

Not finding the two others in local, or even knowing what they were flying – I knew they were in the station. So I warped to the second system in the string. There was nobody there, but also no stations. So I picked a couple of the bigger collections of belts and made “watch” bookmarks. I returned to the first system and started the same thing with the belts there.

I decided I needed to make an undock bookmark on the station, too. So I warped to it, docked, and saw the two locals in the system, just waiting there for me in the station, too. I undocked right away, and naturally one of them undocked with me. He was in a hurricane and when I started to burn away from the station, hoping he’d attack; he did. I continued to burn away.

Naturally, I was a little concerned that I couldn’t take the cane out. I didn’t want to fight near the station. So I warped off toward a gate, and in local he says, “Fool.” Of course, I replied and said that I was making bookmarks and he was welcome to follow me. He tried hunting me down a bit – couldn’t find me. Good to know, about that fellow.

I returned toward Dodixie, having gathered some knowledge, and hit up a belt in a nearby system. There was a hulk jetcanning with his T2 drones nearby. So I burned toward the can while he targeted me. Having stolen from him, he decided to attack with the drones. I burned away from him so I could get a good low transversal on his drones. They started to pop a few at a time, and I was getting down in to structure. I warped off to the station to repair and he followed, asking in local, “Want to try that again?”

“Of course,” I said.

Before I left that belt, I bookmarked his nearly full jetcan. Returning to it before he did, I was able to pop it along with my stolen can. So, worse comes to worse, I at least cost that douche a few minutes of mining time. He returned in an Ishtar and sent the drones onto me, as well as the warp scrambler.

Again, I got some practice blowing up his drones, but I couldn’t warp away. Aligning to a nearby belt, I still couldn’t warp. I was getting down into low armor.

My drones, however, were ECM drones. Just as I started to have my structure melt away, fire coming from my tail end, the drones either removed his lock on me, or I was out of scram range – and I warped off. So I didn’t get a kill, but I got some fun experience in lowsec and “attacking things bigger than me” PVP.”

Overall, I had a good hour or so.


Holy crap.  I spent last night mining.  On my infiltration alt, however.  It’s not like I didn’t play Black Ops on the xbox while watching for rats, though.

You see, the way I figure it – either the alt gains trust as the corporation builds and I steal in the end (or take over via shares) – or I end up with a nice buffer corporation to pad me from the last few corporations I’ve pissed off.  It’s just good for the resume, if you will.

I am wishing, though, that we could train more than one skill queue on a given account, as active, at the same time.  The alt cannot fly a Hulk, which is something I want to make those “new corp CEOs” see, so they can feel more comfortable with me.

Eventually, this character will have too many corporations under its belt, and I will resort to podding people in funky ships and running from CONCORD.  When his sec status gets too low and I stop enjoying being on the lam, I’ll delete him and start fresh with “omg EVE is huge, help me new corp!”

This particular corporation has made one major mistake already – given everyone the ability to accept new membership applications.  Which means, for the corp, that a lot of dummies will be in.  It says that his focus is on quantity vs quality.  Sort of a bird-shot thing, I am guessing.  That said, it also means I likely have competition on the thief front.

I always enjoy a social-engineering challenge.