Monthly Archives: February 2011

Not in the traditional sense

But I did gather a few tears this weekend.  In that my alt, who was contracted to infiltrate a corporation and gather intel on the current war operations, was asked to remove himself from the environment and make it as known as possible before leaving.

So, I did.  Via email to the “boss” and to the person who hired me.  Within a few minutes I was kicked out of the corporation.  Not before someone else in the corp, however, published the vent login information/IP.  That, of course, went to the real boss as a bit of an extra.

I’ve been hanging out around Mies this weekend – and while I am making some money and moving cargo around via contracts, I’m not getting any kills or even fights.  No shooters here.  Which is nice if you want to salvage/steal for money, but stinks a bunch if you want PVP practice.  If you see me around, shoot me.

I think I’m going to pack it up and head back to Agral/Dod and gather some tears and what money I can before I research somewhere new.

A fun new dimension to this game

My supar-sekret alt (who isn’t really that secret, but hey – that’s part of the experiment) happens to have been asked to infiltrate a corporation and gather certain bits of information.  Which is cool.  I’ve only ever played the infiltration side to gather information and, really, phat letwz, for myself.

I saw someone in need, offered my services, and so far the customer seems to be pretty happy.  I’m enjoying this aspect.  While it doesn’t involve, directly, Gilbert, it does involve me playing up the social-engineering side, and enjoying another healthy dimension to our beloved EVE.

Oh yeah, baby.

This could be good…

Found a member of Starmine Inc around the Essence region.  I interrupted his mission, made myself red to him, and he warped off.  Lets hope they are missioning in this area.

We’ve seen them before.

Bumpy Bumpy

Spent far too much money fitting up a Stabber with a 100mn MWD and bumping hulks and procurers out of mining range.  That’s got to be my go-to tear gathering activity when I don’t feel like pew-pew.

It’s late.  I’m headed to bed.

No title

In a couple of hours, the war will be over and I’m going to pack up the orca and head over toward a more active set of space.  I wasn’t gathering much in the way of tears in this section of Everyshore.  I also have to dust off the iteron and pickup a *lot* of PI materials, too.    No, that’s not a reason to gank me, it’s cheap stuff.

Tonight, I hope to hop into a corp activity or two, and get back onto the killboards!  Then again, I may go buy a new bottle of whiskey and relax while salvaging/stealing.

Tonight was a prep night, of sorts

Moved into an “arm” of the Everyshore region, and setup shop in a system that DOTLAN says is red, in terms of NPC kills in the last 24 hours.  I hope to gather some tears tomorrow night, or some kills, too.

I’m working with an alt, on something I hope will be glorious.  I won’t write about it here, until the time comes, of course.



Back from a RL vacation.  A much needed vacation from work, and the snow.  Though, I went north to where there was more snow, it was not my snow or my responsibility to clean it off the sidewalk, roof, etc.

Home alone this week, for the most part, and as such, I plan on getting into it deep with some carebears and whatnot around wherever dotlan tells me to go.  After FD practice tonight, I plan on logging in, updating the PI widgets, and then working at the systems local to where I am now.  Just wonton theft as well as salvage.  I don’t care anymore about returning, unless the I think it smart or winnable.  I’ll just move to another bookmark and then return later to taunt some more.