Snagged from a corporation…

I logged an alt in for giggles, a while back.  Had an invite from a corp that spun off of one he was previously in.  I joined, trained up a bit, and went right for the wormhole.  On entering the POS hangar array, I liked what I saw.

I’m not big into juggling two skill queues, but I figured I’d give this a shot.  After a while, the alt was able to fly most of the ships in the hangar.  So I would spend some time in the wormhole.

I found it boring.  Scan the exit, do stuff, maybe scan some other wh-sites and stuff to do down, etc.  I found it very boring, actually.  So I wouldn’t have a problem snagging a bunch of junk from the corp.   The alliance leaders also kept bitching that I wouldn’t join the teamspeak server, etc.

When the corp spoke of joining another alliance and/or moving around and with a lot of new members coming on-board… I felt tonight was the right night to go.

So I spent some time boarding each ship, burning to the exit and plopping it down at a station at the system the exit sent me to.  Back in my pod, and then back with another ship.  Did that a few times, and made out with some nice loot.

One thing I noticed was that while they flew a few T3 ships (of which I’d have no time/patience to skill for), but they seemed to log with those t3 ships and leave the scanning ships in the array.

So when I was done, I self destructed all of the scanning ships and then of the other ships – the ones I couldn’t fly, I just launched for giggles.  Wrecks and floating ships.  Good times.

Here is a breakdown of what I snagged. Rough estimated value: 150Mil.  Not much, but still, it was go now, or lose it later after a move, etc.

1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsted Plates I200mm Prototype I Gauss Gun250mm Prototype I Gauss Gun250mm Railgun IIAcolyte IIArmor Explosive Hardener IIArmor Kinetic Hardener IIArmor Thermic Hardener IIAuto Targeting System IIBeta Reactor Control: Reaction Control IBrutixCap Recharger IICap Recharger IICombat Scanner Probe ICore Scanner Probe IDamage Control IIDamage Control IIDominixDread Guristas Stasis WebifierDrone Link Augmentor IEnergized Adaptive Nano Membrane IIEnergized Reactive Membrane IIEP-S Gaussian IExequrorExpanded Cargohold IExpanded Cargohold IIFleeting Propulsion Inhibitor IGas Cloud Harvester IHammerhead IHammerhead IIHeavy Nosferatu IHemorphite Mining Crystal IHornet IIImproved Cloaking Device IIInvulnerability Field IIIteron Mark IIIKernite Mining Crystal ILarge ‘Arup’ I Remote  Bulwark ReconLarge Shield Extender IIMagnetic Field Stabilizer IIMedium Armor Repairer IIMedium Capacitor Battery IIMiner IMiner IMiner IIMining Drone IMining Drone IMobile Small Warp Disruptor IModal Electron Particle Accelerator IMyrmidonOgre IIPlagioclase Mining Crystal IIProcurerPrototype Cloaking Device ISalvager IShield Power Relay IISisters Combat Scanner ProbeSisters Core Scanner ProbeSmall Tractor Beam IStrip Miner ISurvey Scanner IValkyrie IIVeldspar Mining Crystal IIVespa EC-600Vespa IIVexorWarp Disruptor IIWarp Scrambler IIWarrior IIY-T8 Overcharged Hydrocarbon I MWD


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