Not in the traditional sense

But I did gather a few tears this weekend.  In that my alt, who was contracted to infiltrate a corporation and gather intel on the current war operations, was asked to remove himself from the environment and make it as known as possible before leaving.

So, I did.  Via email to the “boss” and to the person who hired me.  Within a few minutes I was kicked out of the corporation.  Not before someone else in the corp, however, published the vent login information/IP.  That, of course, went to the real boss as a bit of an extra.

I’ve been hanging out around Mies this weekend – and while I am making some money and moving cargo around via contracts, I’m not getting any kills or even fights.  No shooters here.  Which is nice if you want to salvage/steal for money, but stinks a bunch if you want PVP practice.  If you see me around, shoot me.

I think I’m going to pack it up and head back to Agral/Dod and gather some tears and what money I can before I research somewhere new.


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