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Asset Management

My wife keeps saying she’s going to get into EVE, or at least give it a shot.  She is the type of player who, in a game like EQ1, WoW, or DAoC, will play the “healer” and she enjoys character maintenance stuff more than say, PVP or bigger raids.

I’m seriously wondering if she wouldn’t mind hauling ships to-from my various places for me.  Not that I have a lot to move, but I’ve got a few “hot spots” I like to call home lately.  Dodixie’s area for the usual ISK gathering via stealing MR stuff; Harerget for the usual “I could use some easy PVP” moments, which seem to also contain some tears, too.  And I think I’m going to setup in another area, too.  Maybe a bit far from Dodixie (say 15 jumps or so) and see if I can’t find some new places to explore.  (This is why I like reading EVE Travel so much.)

Tonight I started by bringing back toward Agral, my T2 scanning ship.  Then I went and got my Vigil and just started stealing and salvaging.  I made a few million, not much but it wasn’t like I was totally devoted to it.  Tomorrow night I may try “devoting” a block of time to it and seeing what I get out of the deal.  Still wanting that goal of a PLEX, really.  Just a goal.  No reason other than that.

It is, however, handy to have some PVP experience, and that’s why I branch out toward Harerget to get some “newbie” experience.  A title I very much consider myself.  That said, it’s only 4 jumps from Dodixie/Agral and going to get the Brutix to help with a Rat-Fit Vexor isn’t a tough call, if needs be either.

After Small Hybrid Turret V finishes, I think I’m going to focus a bit on ship command.


I have a screenshot of what, I believe, is what every salvage-rat hopes to see upon slowing out of warp.  I scanned down a few marks with my new Helios last night.   I was enjoying the colorful paint-job they did when they made the ship for me and seeing those 100% survey strength results come back much faster than in my last ship when I decided 3 bookmarks was plenty for now.  It was getting late and I needed to get to sleep.

Well, I arrived at the first to see two other Catalysts in the same corp as the Mission Runner.  They were all picking away at the leftovers and probably alts.  One targeted me, put out four Tier-2 drones, and just followed me around at 5km or so.  There wasn’t much in the loot worth stealing, so I didn’t give them that satisfaction of thinking they scared me off.

Sometimes this is like a chess game, or a bit of Aikido.  It was worth more to me to salvage the shitty level loot (just the breaks sometimes) than it was to steal 100k of loot and make them think they scared me off.

Bookmark 2 was already clean by the time I arrived.

Bookmark 3 had about 30 wrecks hanging out in a 30km radius of the acceleration gate.  Sweet!  So, I cleaned them out, and made off with about 4Mil-5Mil of loot/salvage.  A good comeback for little work; especially when I spent 17Mil on the ship, and then another Mil or so on fittings, riggings, yadda yadda.

I think my next goal, besides finally getting my first PK, will be a PLEX.  I may, once the meat-space things slow down a bit, just “grind” my way to one, collecting cash and tears along the way.

Speaking of TEARS, I’m working with the Eve-Voice vendor at fixing my voice connectivity issues.  So, I hope to have that fixed soon!