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What, no drones?

After my first attempt of the night resulted in me drinking more whiskey and not getting any tears from the bears in Illinfrik, I decided to head to the second bookmark. A drake, by the name of “CowboySmittey”. He not only watched me steal from him, but invited a Hurricane. I figured the cane would blow up my salvage ship fast, and I could return to practice on a cane, but he didn’t.

They warped to the next room in the mission, and forgot his Hobgobling II drones (300k selling price in market.) So, while the Hurricane watched, I scooped them to my cargohold, and opened a conversation with the owner. Below is my unsuccessful attempt at “selling” them back to him. Jetting one at the mission, (which contained ammo in the container), and then “forgetting” it there while I contracted the other 3 to him at a price tag of 5 million. (written in the descr was a price of 500k.) At least he was smart enough to count his zeros and read the contract. ;) Keep in mind, during this, I’m red to him. Stealing out from under him and kiting the rats at the end of the conversation away from his mission plane. Wanted, really bad, for him to shoot, too.

[01:29:51] Gilbert Hamilton > hello sir.
[01:29:56] CowboySmittey > yo
[01:30:06] Gilbert Hamilton > would you like your drones back? you left them when you warped off.
[01:30:27] CowboySmittey > sure
[01:30:38] Gilbert Hamilton > I will contract them to you for 1,000,000 is that ok?
[01:30:51] CowboySmittey > it would if they were worth that much
[01:30:55] Gilbert Hamilton > (total price on market 1.6 million)
[01:30:59] Gilbert Hamilton > they are selling for 400k each.
[01:31:08] Gilbert Hamilton > times 4 = … 1.6 million. it’s a steal at 1 million.
[01:31:12] CowboySmittey > wrong, i buy them for 250,000 each
[01:31:33] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, then send over 750k, and it’s like you get one free!
[01:31:36] Gilbert Hamilton > blame the whiskey.
[01:31:45] CowboySmittey > set up the contract
[01:31:55] Gilbert Hamilton > I have them in my cargo hold, stilly. I’ll be in your room in a min.
[01:32:13] CowboySmittey > ok, give the drones first
[01:32:28] Gilbert Hamilton > um, no. send over half the money first. (round it to 400k.)
[01:32:45] CowboySmittey > lol sorry, my drones, my rules
[01:32:45] Gilbert Hamilton > holy crap how many rooms are you in?! :p
[01:32:52] Gilbert Hamilton > they aren’t your drones yet.
[01:32:55] CowboySmittey > this mish is like 5
[01:33:02] Gilbert Hamilton > not bad.
[01:33:24] CowboySmittey > fine, my money my rules
[01:33:47] Gilbert Hamilton > heh, that’s not how it works. i’ll just use them, after I train for them.\
[01:34:35] Gilbert Hamilton > i’ll take the price of 1 in good faith. 200k.
[01:34:53] CowboySmittey > lol, you’re just gonna sell them for 100,000 on the market anyways
[01:35:07] Gilbert Hamilton > no, I can sell them for close to 300, or use them. no worries.
[01:35:19] Gilbert Hamilton > just figured you’d like them now. I can eject, and you can take.
[01:35:35] CowboySmittey > and you’ll get kill rights on me
[01:35:40] Gilbert Hamilton > not if I blue it.
[01:35:49] CowboySmittey > eject them and blue them then
[01:36:05] Gilbert Hamilton > send 100k first then I blue.
[01:36:49] Gilbert Hamilton > I can see you’re a busy man. I’ll come back later.
[01:36:51] CowboySmittey > I’ll give you 100 and you can send the first blue
[01:37:01] Gilbert Hamilton > oh ok, no prob th en.
[01:37:05] Gilbert Hamilton > I’ll rejet just a se.
[01:37:07] Gilbert Hamilton > damn timer.
[01:37:27] Gilbert Hamilton > 1min 30 secs. lol.
[01:37:33] CowboySmittey > pull em in
[01:37:56] Gilbert Hamilton > I pulled them back, it won’t let me rejet cause of the timer.
[01:38:05] CowboySmittey > lol
[01:38:22] Gilbert Hamilton > must have kids assembling the stuff.
[01:38:46] Gilbert Hamilton > send the 100k after I blue?
[01:38:58] Gilbert Hamilton > I mean then I blue.
[01:39:23] CowboySmittey > lol nice try
[01:39:28] CowboySmittey > how do i know whats in there
[01:39:33] CowboySmittey > contract them to me
[01:39:41] Gilbert Hamilton > cause it’s only 100k, I’ have them *here for you.
[01:39:44] Gilbert Hamilton > to use now.
[01:39:55] Gilbert Hamilton > stupid rat aggro on me. :P
[01:40:05] CowboySmittey > ouch
[01:40:08] CowboySmittey > i don’t need them now
[01:40:10] Gilbert Hamilton > naa transversal high.
[01:40:12] Gilbert Hamilton > ok then.
[01:40:18] Gilbert Hamilton > good luck out there.
[01:40:26] CowboySmittey > i’ll use them later though if you contract them to me
[01:40:31] Gilbert Hamilton > ok will do.
[01:40:41] CowboySmittey > for a fair price
[01:40:45] CowboySmittey > didn’t you forget one?
[01:40:48] Gilbert Hamilton > yeah how’s 700k.
[01:40:50] Gilbert Hamilton > oh crap.
[01:41:14] CowboySmittey > deals off i guess
[01:41:20] Gilbert Hamilton > aggro. you can send the cash for that. I will contract the rest.
[01:41:54] CowboySmittey > i’ll send you nothing, and you can send me 4 drones in a contract
[01:42:05] Gilbert Hamilton > um, no. that’s not beneficial to me, sir.
[01:42:18] Gilbert Hamilton > 500k for the three. sending now.
[01:42:35] CowboySmittey > I’ll only pay 750,000 for 4
[01:42:39] CowboySmittey > or nothing
[01:42:55] Gilbert Hamilton > it’s sent already, sorry.
[01:43:27] CowboySmittey > lol 5 mill?
[01:43:30] CowboySmittey > nice try?
[01:43:59] Gilbert Hamilton > At least you pay attention to your zeros.
[01:44:14] CowboySmittey > it says 5 million under it
[01:44:23] Gilbert Hamilton > it’s 5k.
[01:44:28] Gilbert Hamilton > count zeros

PI Stuff

So, I thought about it a bit – destroyed my lowest performing high-sec planet setup, and moved it to low-sec. Just 0.4, and I figured I’d get ganked on the way, etc. I fitted the Iteron with a cloaky, and think I can use that to pickup the mins.

In high sec I was averaging roughly 150k per day in quantity of raw materials gathered. In 0.4, I’m getting well over 1 million. Which is nice, but it takes 4 processors to keep up with the input of rat materials, and I’ve one extra storage area already full with an expedited transfer. So I guess, rethinking, it takes more than 4 processors.

Anyway, it’s fun in that “no tears today I’ll play farmville” way of thinking – and who knows, if once a week I make a trip in an itty and pickup the goods for market, who cares.

Well well well…

I was paid by a 3rd party, double blind, to infiltrate New Haven Enterprises and gather intelligence related to a possible war-declaration coming their way. It’s not the first time I’ve been hired to do this type of work. Which is fine by me, because I’m quite lazy.


I appreciate your efforts to at least partly be honest with me. Preforming recon in my corporation is a little bit entertaining to me, since we are such a very small corporation….. There’s nothing to declare war against. Your employer should have picked a better target for you. Because when all is said and done, as you have seen, only 2 or 3 of us are active, and if war is declared, all we have to do is dock up at Jita and Station trade until the corporation who war decs us gets tired of paying 100 Million a week to keep us war decc’ed. Seems like your employer would be better off selecting a newer corp with more targets, that’s NOT in an Alliance as we are. It would be cheaper.

That being said, I intend to seperate you from New Haven Enterprises under the reasoning that you were not forth right with your intentions in the corporation, and more so because I feel that your preformance as a Recruiting Director has been poor thus far. (Which I understand since your main focus was recon.)

I won’t split hairs on you being a thief, recon, whatever. The bottom line is, you were being paid by me to recruit for this corp, and instead you were gaining intel. You then lied via omission of the truth, even after confronted at first.

All in all, I harbor no bad feelings. I look at it as a case of a failed pirating attempt, and that happens sometimes. I wish you the best of luck in your next pirating venture. Please let your employer know that a war dec on my corporation would do nothing but be a waste of his own time, resources, and money; but if they wish to dec up, tell them go ahead. No big deal.

It’s been interesting speaking with you AltName, Take care.


Lesson learned on his part – please check API keys before letting someone into the corporation. Because not only did I collect a paycheck for a week or two, I really did deliver intel and get paid for it. When he told me he was an investigator in “real life”, I took that as a challenge to get fired in as interesting a way as possible. Also, yeah, the corp hangars were void of anything worth stealing.

As I pad my “resume” with little corps here or there, I’m still happy to report that the total number of corps that have asked me for an API key (and validated it) prior to joining is: 0.

Also, Gilbert has a nicely fit Hound to play with, too…

A nice night

Tonight was one of those nice nights where I stole from a Noctis while simply orbiting at 500m in my trusty 4 salvage-module boat. No tears, but I did drink a bunch of Powers Whisky while watching my assets grow…

3.5 extra, to be exact.

My trusty Orca brought me back to Agral. I wasn’t having any luck getting shot at, so I started to go the route of local-chat banter, and see if I could piss off a few folks, there. On my 2nd or 3rd mission, I found this lovely chap.

[02:39:43] EVE System Channel changed to Agrallarier Local Channel
[03:13:22] Gilbert Hamilton WTS: Internal Force Field Array I Stolen. I’ll take 12 million.
[03:13:48] mechyone ha epeen didnt get crap did you?

Ahh, a bite.

[03:14:06] Gilbert Hamilton no, I got that. that’s 14 million than I expected, since you didn’t shoot me. or take back your stuff.
[03:14:23] mechyone woopee i got all the tags and salvage loser
[03:14:37] Gilbert Hamilton Armor Plates x10
[03:14:42] Gilbert Hamilton Imperial Navy Colonel Insignia I x9
[03:14:44] Gilbert Hamilton …good times.
[03:15:03] Gilbert Hamilton I can contract them off to you if you’d like.
[03:15:06] mechyone my only hope as that life finds a way to treat you the same and you get whats coming to you

Ok, honestly I was hoping he was going to talk about beating me up in real life so I could petition him…

[03:15:11] Gilbert Hamilton just promise not to call me loser again.
[03:15:27] Gilbert Hamilton eve life is fine with me, we get along well.
[03:15:45] mechyone oh im so scared loser
[03:15:53] Gilbert Hamilton ? what’s to be scared of?
[03:16:09] mechyone not you thats for sure
[03:16:32] Gilbert Hamilton of course not, I’m the nice guy here.
[03:16:42] mechyone no your a loser

It’s obvious he’s 12. Time to take it up a notch.

[03:17:05] Gilbert Hamilton I’m sorry, I don’t speak very good english. we was playing a gaem?
[03:17:41] mechyone so you know what loser is continue on loser
[03:18:11] Gilbert Hamilton will do. still you does nut answar me re: that dmg controls. has you want back?
[03:18:49] mechyone i dont need it so do whatever you want i dont buy from losers anyway
[03:19:14] Gilbert Hamilton sounds liek plans then. you can send money to me soon as you leiks.
[03:19:28] Gilbert Hamilton prise is now 9 millions.
[03:20:01] mechyone you are pathetic dude you dont speak english then maybe you should try a game in your own language
[03:20:17] Gilbert Hamilton my own language is gregg shorthand. it’s very hard to tipe heres.

Right now, I warp into another mission that is already being salvaged. The MR convos me, and I tell him he can have it, I’m going to go drink and play Black Ops. He congratulates me on my local-chat banter… PS: Gregg Shorthand rules.

[03:21:24] mechyone so your brain is in slow motion ok that explains your ignorance
[03:21:34] Gilbert Hamilton yes, also my extra chromosomes.
[03:21:46] Gilbert Hamilton three point five extra. you probably have 4.
[03:22:31] mechyone yeah thats why i have to steal from people cause i have less chromos then you
[03:22:46] mechyone oh wait its the other way around
[03:22:50] Gilbert Hamilton what you have more?


Working on something … more to come soon.  Promise….

Agral and a Dod Run

Moved the orca back to Agral tonight, and snagged a lot of loot from a couple mission runners.  One was in a nice Dominix Navy Issue, and never shot at me.  His T2 drones would have had me out cold, in no time flat.  Too bad, for him, because I don’t have anything to solo that ship with and there were no corp members nearby tonight.  (Plus, I didn’t feel like getting on voice ops.)

That said, I’m seriously just stealing and then worrying about getting shot at later.  I have to think that my ROI will be much higher.  Especially the ROI on tears as well as ISKies.

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