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Station Games in Hek

I had a low-sec course all plotted to take me from Hek back toward Dodixie. The plan was to just tool around, make safes, scan, and continue trying to lose this hurricane.

Instead I decided to take the can bait outside the station at Hek. The can was owned by a drake. It was a nice fight, and I “lost” but I won, the ninja way. I docked. Screw him. Ninjas have no honor. ;) Anyway, the full flight of ECM drones he had made me wish/want to train up for more of that ECM drone goodness!

Mean Streak Contest Winner

Congratulations go to the Mean Streak contest winner, Ulik Kahn! Great job!

I hung around Hek last night, in my hurricane, named Gloria. Plotted another low-sec run around that loop, just on the lower end of the map. It started off bland, as if everyone was just passing through. No miners, no activity, nobody chasing me. Hell, this ship cannot even cloak. Just warp from safe to safe, keeping aligned, while I scan. It’s actually great practice for that sort of thing. Less signatures in the system seem to be letting me focus on getting a warpable result.

In one of the systems, I was able to pin down a POS. Warping to it at 100, to take a look, showed it was online and fully of tasty goodies. I hung out there too long, and ended up warping off with my ship at 80% armor. No big deal. I’m docked for the night in a high-sec system, and will head back out for more safe gathering, fun, and whatnot later tonight.

That said, that POS is actively recruiting. I may see if I can get my alt out of the corp I stole from a while ago, and join this one with the POS. Only catch: they request the API key and a screenshot of your character selection screen. Ha. Not going to happen. If anyone wants to infiltrate it with a clean account, send me an ingame mail, and I’ll hook you up. You can even pay me if you want. :P

So, last night’s lesson learned: at 100km, a POS will still shoot at you. It stinks. But not before you can spend a few minutes taking inventory/screenshots.

May be late to the game but

Does anyone else find it kinda douche-like that at battleclinic’s website, when clicking on the background image, you get taken right to the “omg sign up for EVE with our buddy program ID in the url” page?

Low-sec roam

So, tonight after stripping everything, I fit up a Myrmidon. I figured it was not going to allow me to warp-cloaked, but I could fit an improved cloaker on it at least.

I fit up the Myrmidon, renamed it from “Stripped” to “Cargo Container” and decided to head out toward Hek. Having recently read a nice article on a low-sec run around that area, I decided to give it a shot.

No kills, no fights, but I did scare off a few people and managed to make a lot of bookmarks/safes. Which I am going to assume is a good thing while roaming around random low-sec systems, no?

Either way, I’m going to go ratting with this fit and see how well I deal with the guns, etc. Maybe flip a few cans with it, and whatnot. I’ll shuttle up later and head back to Dodixie to grab another ship. This time, probably the hound or refit something to scan with while in low-sec. I could have found a few POS’s if I had a scanner…

So, war.

We are currently at war. With a few corporations, actually. This is a good thing, as I am happy to try my hand with a few ops, or pot-shots here or there. But really, after coming back from vacation what I did first was reset everything.

Stripped my ships.
Repackaged everything that wasn’t rigged.
Sold a bunch of far-off assets, and setup contracts for other things I couldn’t sell.

I just wanted to reset, if you will. It feels good.

Now, my plan is still to take a ship into low-sec, on a few solo routes, and see what I can come up with, or lose.

Donated a few ISK to the Mean Streak contest over on Roc’s Ramblings. I support it. Even if the prize is what some call “small” – who the fuck cares? I may run a contest some day – who knows. Maybe a prize for podding me, maybe a prize for scamming me … hey that’s a good idea. Hrm.

Vacation and Planning

I am headed to Canada for a week, with the family. No EVE during that time, but that is one of the things I love about this game. My character will progress while offline.

However, I am thinking that if I get time between arriving back from Canada and leaving again for another week away at football camp for my sons, I may try fitting up another ship for chasing people around lowsec. Read: practice losing ships. ;)

My current thoughts were:

Pros: Warps cloaked. Torpedoes. 1 projectile weapon. Long range targeting and I’ve got experience killing off drones with it. Small sig radius.
Cons: Torpedoes. Has warp disr, no web. No drones. No probes.

Pros: More guns, probe launcher, more skin, drones.
Cons: “Ehh” align time. Slower boat. No cloaky warp.

Pros: I like that ship. It’s pointy. :P
Cons: Not sure yet.

Just a few ideas for myself to think about over the next week or two.

Oh! before I forget – I received a nice in game mail from a fan/reader of the blog. It’s always nice to know they are out there! :)

Made it.

Well, nothing special, actually. After chatting with the person I was previously chasing, I decided to purchase a shuttle and undock. But, before that, knowing every other character in system belonged to his corp, made my chat with him even better. Because I claimed to know the pilot who was hanging out by the station undock. I didn’t cut and paste it, though; I simply forgot.

It wasn’t much.

But I did undock the shuttle, found nobody there, and then undocked with my Hound and left the system. Onto better systems. Remember, patience. I’m thinking it’s similar to the way I bet horses. I don’t *have* to bet, I just wait for the best looking chance.