How’s the weather?

I’m taking the Cynabal out for a run, today. Scanning down a few mission runners in Agral turned out to be pretty easy once I recognized a good way of arranging seven probes.

Managed to snag a bunch of salvage for the market and loot, too. Only one person shot at me – a rattlesnake. That’s probably a no-go with my cynabal, of course. The transversal at any sort of range against that thing would be near zero and unless my ECM drones did a perfect job, I’d be toast in one or two vollies, I suspect.

However, I did manage to get him to warp away from his mission, return in a hurricane, and shoot at me. He hung around the warp-in point in room two for a while, while I watched him from a bookmark.

In the cynabal, I returned to room 1 and continued to watch him; having positioned myself 20km or so off of the gate. He was being a lazy ass, so I opened a chat window.

[03:14:02] Bushido Ryu > o/
[03:14:07] Gilbert Hamilton > o/
[03:14:19] Gilbert Hamilton > are you enjoying this weather?
[03:14:35] Bushido Ryu > it has it’s ups and downs
[03:14:47] Gilbert Hamilton > certainly. usually between noon and midnight.
[03:14:58] Bushido Ryu > Aye

I just don’t have the brainpower tonight – real life stuff is too much right now. But I am glad to hear the weather is doing him well.



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