Hound is down…

Lost the Hound today, to a bit of a game – so to speak. I arrived into a mission piloted by a Raven, a Fed Navy Comet, and a Noctis. Naturally, I started stealing.

To start, I wasn’t in my Hound. I was in my Vigil, doing the usual steal/salvage thing. I haven’t been in a fight in a long time, and was hoping they would shoot. So, they did and I enjoyed that. Returning in my Dramiel, didn’t do much but get me some drone-killing practice against his full flight of T2 drones. A few minutes later, I returned in my Wolf. The drones went down fast, but I couldn’t crack his Raven’s shields. Having exactly no experience against a Raven, and very little pvp overall – I was enjoying trying a few different things out.

Soon, I had to return to repair. While doing that, I waited the 15 minute aggro timer out, and then returned in the Hound. Sitting cloaked a little bit away from the acceleration gate, I waited for the Raven and the Noctis to warp off into the next room. The Comet stayed behind, and I was able to get him down into armor. But soon, my Hound popped and I warped off, tail between my legs.

Lesson learned – I hate drones. Hate them. Lesson two: the Hound is not good for close quarters stuff, and would fit me better in a fleet.


One response to “Hound is down…

  1. GrammatonCleric

    I’m not sure that it’s a good idea to engage anything smaller than BC in a stealth bomber, although the Hound is quite fast and agile.
    And yeah…drones…you can’t do much to them while in a SB. :)

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