Vacation and Planning

I am headed to Canada for a week, with the family. No EVE during that time, but that is one of the things I love about this game. My character will progress while offline.

However, I am thinking that if I get time between arriving back from Canada and leaving again for another week away at football camp for my sons, I may try fitting up another ship for chasing people around lowsec. Read: practice losing ships. ;)

My current thoughts were:

Pros: Warps cloaked. Torpedoes. 1 projectile weapon. Long range targeting and I’ve got experience killing off drones with it. Small sig radius.
Cons: Torpedoes. Has warp disr, no web. No drones. No probes.

Pros: More guns, probe launcher, more skin, drones.
Cons: “Ehh” align time. Slower boat. No cloaky warp.

Pros: I like that ship. It’s pointy. :P
Cons: Not sure yet.

Just a few ideas for myself to think about over the next week or two.

Oh! before I forget – I received a nice in game mail from a fan/reader of the blog. It’s always nice to know they are out there! :)


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