So, war.

We are currently at war. With a few corporations, actually. This is a good thing, as I am happy to try my hand with a few ops, or pot-shots here or there. But really, after coming back from vacation what I did first was reset everything.

Stripped my ships.
Repackaged everything that wasn’t rigged.
Sold a bunch of far-off assets, and setup contracts for other things I couldn’t sell.

I just wanted to reset, if you will. It feels good.

Now, my plan is still to take a ship into low-sec, on a few solo routes, and see what I can come up with, or lose.

Donated a few ISK to the Mean Streak contest over on Roc’s Ramblings. I support it. Even if the prize is what some call “small” – who the fuck cares? I may run a contest some day – who knows. Maybe a prize for podding me, maybe a prize for scamming me … hey that’s a good idea. Hrm.


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