Contracts and the market

Parity Bit has a very nice article on the curiosity between “local” contracts and the market resale of those items in the contracts. If you want to know a little about how we work, check this out.


5 responses to “Contracts and the market

  1. Thanks for the link.

    I’ve been trying to work out a way to scam the scammer, but I fear you are all sneakier than me.

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      Great article, though. Scamming the scammer is fun, too. It’s harder now, but one of the ways to do it was via courier contracts – the scammers would pick up a contract they *hoped* was low-balled in the contract fees they had to front to accept it – and then just fail the contract and resell the items, making a profit.

      If you put stuff for courier up on the market that *looks* like it would be tasty to one of those guys, they can sometimes lose money to you, if you time/word the contract right. ;)

  2. Question: Do skills like Margin Trading allow you to place CONTRACTS at lower prices than normal? Looking at the skill description, it only says buy orders.

    Since the scammer was nice enough to make the “buy order” for their overpriced capial parts a contract, would it not be possible to procure the necessary items from a reasonably priced market, and fulfill the contract, thus “scamming” the would-be scammer?

    • Never mind, misread. Turns out the sell order is the contract, and the buy order is a buy order (using margin trading no doubt).

      • Gilbert Hamilton

        Good line of thinking! One of these days I’ll up my market/trading skills and try a few of those scams on that type of item. If, I’ve got the cash to support it, I mean. Right now, the bulk of my cash comes from fleecing infiltrated corporations. ;)

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