I have to say the idea of a media acct is cool. But this spawned an idea in my head about a challenge.

How is life in null for a new char right away? Or how far can that first bit of isk trade in a year’s time? Etc…


Finders & Keepers

I started Eve about 3 1/2 years ago with one account. Like many a young noobin, once I figured out that you could clone the game client to run multiple at once (pre-launcher), I gleefully plotted out skill queues for the two other slots on my account that I would now actively play in conjunction with.


Of course I very quickly realized that CCP was much more business savvy than I’d originally given them credit for, and I learned to swallow that red pill that we all eventually do: that alt accounts are almost as much a part of Eve as undocking. Sure, you can absolutely play and enjoy this game with a single account, and many people do. But the nature of the beast is simply that alts make the world go ’round, and your Eve experience will magnify exponentially once you go down that secondary or tertiary…

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  1. There are already several blogs about trading, and IMO most of them are as boring as trading is.
    But the adventures of a very new toon in 0.0 might be something indeed. There is the old 0.0 experiment (http://00experiment.blogspot.de/) that was a very interesting read until it suddenly stopped but not many more as far as I know.
    The best option might be to create a new character and join dreddit (executor of TEST). They take everyone regardless of skillpoints, and they are not as terrible as the goons. I’d definitively like to read that. :)

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