Win some, lose some… (scams)

You would be surprised at how often people still fall for the ole “two items for the price of one” scam, or various forms. The recent UI changes (among others) have made it harder to contract scam, imho, but I still find it fun to try sometimes. The below was one of tonight’s conversations.

[02:02:43] Gilbert Hamilton > o/
[02:02:50] Siphre Darine > o/
[02:03:00] Siphre Darine > u need a plex ?
[02:03:06] Gilbert Hamilton > Aye, have contract up.
[02:03:18] Siphre Darine > I have 1
[02:03:39] Gilbert Hamilton > Ok. I’ll send you a link to contract. sec.
[02:03:46] Siphre Darine > k
[02:03:55] Gilbert Hamilton > 470m ok?
[02:04:14] Siphre Darine > k
[02:06:19] Gilbert Hamilton > [Plex]
[02:06:43] Gilbert Hamilton > nice bio details btw
[02:06:48] Siphre Darine > missing some zeros
[02:06:51] Gilbert Hamilton > always forgetting those percentages.
[02:06:54] Siphre Darine > u too
[02:06:55] Gilbert Hamilton > your bio? it’s all in there.
[02:10:14] Siphre Darine > 470 million not thousand
[02:10:36] Gilbert Hamilton > it says 470 million. not sure what you mean.
[02:10:44] Gilbert Hamilton > [Want To Buy]
[02:11:18] Siphre Darine > not for 2
[02:11:38] Gilbert Hamilton > [Want To Buy] It’s not for two.


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