Galaxy Empire (ios)

A new source of tears for those times I’ve checked my various EVE feeds, API updates, etc and I am still on the toilet… has been the interesting game, “Galaxy Empire”. I am not sure about android, but it is on the ios devices. Typical “colonize and build” internet spaceship games. But of them all I enjoy this one’s UI the best. It’s not just a rendered webpage. Though the planets all have the same building layouts and that gets kind of boring, the community is pretty active.

Active in the usual “russian, asian, and american” ways. Meaning, depending on the time of day, you will have different people doing different things.

I’ve joined an alliance and have begun extracting tears. It has proven fun, too. Especially via the ingame mail systems, etc.

Thought about creating a Suddenly Ninjas or TEARS alliance there, but I haven’t found many other assholes in game yet.

I’m based out of the aptly named planet “Dodixie” on [3:19:2].

5 responses to “Galaxy Empire (ios)

  1. What server are you on tearmyster.

  2. I noticed quite a bit of EvE artwork used in it. Never thought of the drake as a bomber. Lol

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