Startup Funds

So I really think I’ve committed to this “investing in the markets” thing – because I ended up selling the reserve plex I had last night (just one of them) because I noticed a few things about the markets in different regions.

I was on my way to Jita, stopping in each system and tooling around with the locals. Wreck stealing from station games, things like that. Nobody blew me up. Or as Jordan thought, nobody blew me. I kept my market window open (sidebar: I am __really__ loving how EVE fits on two screens now) and noticed some huge disparities in the market values of two or three of my most commonly sold items.

So I pumped a good 500 million into them and so far, most of my buy orders are satisfied within a day’s time. Hoping to turn that around this weekend.

One response to “Startup Funds

  1. Planning to do the same myself this weekend, it should take a couple of days for me to get some reasonable trading skills, specifically accounting, to off-set the taxes. Ideally I’ll go into mineral trading to start building some profitable t1 stuff, but we’ll see where that heads.

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