Just a few rambles…

I need to update this blog more often; I enjoy it and sometimes I forget to. Or, only update during the “business day” on breaks from my usual day-to-day job of programming. It helps that I type really fast. Anyway, on the docket this week is some (gasp) agent mission running for loyalty and to finally be able to run L4 missions. I want to get into scamming some people out of incursion loot again. I miss the days when SN would swarm an incursion and setup an orca to hold the loot somewhere close but at a range where warp-to works best.

I have a great EON Magazine update, for issue #027 and a new image for it to put up, too. But that will have to wait for when I am at home.

Does anyone have any experience running EVE on a system that has a whole-drive-encryption package running on it? Bitlocker or Truecrypt? I am curious. I think I’m going to take one of my machines and fuck with it a bit. Well, hell, while talking about it, if anyone knows a good, consistent, and reliable way to block skype on my network… I would be very thankful. That fucking app is like a goddamn virus and I hate it.


3 responses to “Just a few rambles…

  1. Blame CCP for the lack of Incursion busting, everything we do these days is exploiting.

  2. Blame CCP for the lack of Incursion busting, everything we do is classed as exploiting these days.

  3. Truecrypt’s FDE tool is transparent to the operating system (volumes are mounted as drives, C:, D: etc.) and will not cause problems with eve. You can even have it encrypt the system partition while OS is running.

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