I realized it’s not that bad…

Today’s loss of ship and the resulting loss of pod. Most of my ships are either stolen or otherwise grabbed. The amount wasn’t too bad, but I did have a bit of a “oh poop. that’ll take some market work to repair,” feeling come across me.

Either way, those Negative Ten guys had a very efficient gate camp. I’ll take less shortcuts around the Hek area from now on. Or bring friends.


4 responses to “I realized it’s not that bad…

  1. Gilbert, glad to see you’re online. Sadly I haven’t been on for a while, but this ‘loss of ship’ posting got some attention on the SN killboard and linked to here. I kind of like your idea of ‘roam until you die’.

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      Ahh I need to hit up the SN boards again soon – I can’t view them from work and by the time I get home… I’m fried from staring at a pc all day long anyway. :/

  2. From your previous post:
    “One thing I did find, however, was the new low-sec area – and I think tonight I am going to take my cane out there, or something similar, and see what I can’t scare up or how fast I can lose the cane. ;)”

    Looks like that cane didn’t last too long. :)

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