That’s What She Said

A long time ago, I named my Iteron, “That’s What She Said.” I think I was watching the Office (American) during that time, and the iteron in all of it’s penis-like glory just got named that. It wasn’t a Roc sized Iteron, just an Iteron Mk3. (FYI, rumor has it, that Roc’s Itty is at least a little bigger.)

Anyway, dick jokes. Good times.

So, I decided to continue the Dodixie buy/sell of some pvp modules, and with one specific module, I earn anywhere between 700k and 1.5m per module. Another module, a scanner probe, has seemed to be a near constant price war. I usually ignore it when the penny fights are with quantities much lower than what I am selling if the market volume has been high anyway. But I decided to buy out the lower priced sale orders and just resell them.

Since I was given advice to try and pick a market near a PVP border, I took those shitty modules (which aren’t really shitty, just commonly used/forgotten/destroyed) and moved them there. Put them up on the market. Undocked to head back to Dod, bumped into another ship, and then promptly lost my little Itty. Oh well, there is 2 million gone. No biggie, and frankly, whatever. It’s certainly something I recouped price wise in the last few hours anyway.

I am beginning to like this. Just the right mix of numbers, travel, and play that I can seem to “handle” these days with my busy schedule.

One thing I did find, however, was the new low-sec area – and I think tonight I am going to take my cane out there, or something similar, and see what I can’t scare up or how fast I can lose the cane. ;)


3 responses to “That’s What She Said

  1. Hek could always use some market love, if you don’t mind traversing the Egghelende pocket to get there from Dodixie.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d appreciate it.

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      heh – I just tossed some Combat Scanner Probes into Thelan – not Metropolis, but trying that neighborhood out. In Hek, I started a couple buy orders for some cloakey devices – then sold them ten minutes later at a profit of 1.5 million each.

  2. You could also show Verge Vendor some love… really shitty market there right now.

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