Market PVP or – One of the nicest ways to play EVE

So, I haven’t had much real time to commit to shooting at ships and losing my own. Nor do I feel like losing any right now; though I can afford to replace them. It’s just a slow slump.

However, I am still quite active – and have found a new version of love in this game. Market work. I think it’s cool to be able to, in a bit of downtime, sit in station and buy something for 6.8Mil and sell it back, within minutes, at 8.5Mil. That’s a profit of about 2 million, less fees, for items I never really even touched.

This could. Nay. This will get fun.


2 responses to “Market PVP or – One of the nicest ways to play EVE

  1. Another easy / lazy way to make ISK is to buy a bunch of PVP modules, load them into a hauler, then autopilot from Jita to a high sec system on the edge of Null Sec and sell them there.

    Systems like Torrinos and Orvolle always have a high demand for stuff like this and you can usually mark stuff up by around 50-100%.

    Not much effort and almost anyone could do one run and make 10’s of millions of ISK.

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      Thanks for the idea! I did that last night. Actually, need to write about that a bit, to. TLDR-Protip: Use cheap ships with cheap cargo if you’re worried about pew. ;)

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